20 Exquisite Short Wedding Hairstyles for Every Bride

There is no doubt that your wedding photo album wouldn’t look as half as amazing without stunning short wedding hairstyles to commemorate your exquisite style and taste during the most important day in your life. Picking out the right hairstyle to go with your majestic bridal dress

10 Best Marley Twist Hair Ideas To Help Choose Your Style

Marley twists are becoming the protective style that you want to rock, because of the insanely unbelievable ratio scale of the time, it takes to style them in relation to the time they last. Here are 10 astoundingly gorgeous Marley twists that will make you want to

20 Must-Have Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men in 2017

Living in a mainstream community, men’s short hairstyles have become more and more popular throughout the years and up until now. Because most men don’t know about all the wonders short haircuts can accomplish, they are considered as the usual norm. This is why we have gathered below the

22 Elegant Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Men of these days love medium length hairstyles. There is a number of men who think short hair is less flattering and malleable than long hair, but don’t want to go through all the trouble of 30 min mirror styling every day. This is why medium hairstyles are

12 Girly Party Hairstyles That Guarantee Having Fun

Have a girly party ahead and looking for a perfect hairstyle to grab the focus? It’s no secret that we all love to party. Especially, on a Saturday night with some old friends to blow off some steam caused during the week. But with every party invitation

22 Mesmerizing Havana Twists for Black Women

Havana twists, like Marley twists, are formed with two strands of hair using the invisible strand method. Although not so cheap in terms of cost, those hair extensions tend to create fuller and thicker twists when they’re loose. They can be gorgeously worn into several styles that

30 Easy Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men [2017]

Widows peak hairstyles are perfect for the men with natural peak hairline. When guys have such a unique hairline it becomes more complex to find out that perfect hairstyle for them.   Popular Widow’s Peak Hairstyles for Men Does your hairline have natural peak that gives a V

5 Trendiest Long Curly Hairstyles for Men

Men with long curly hair are mostly attractive and look stylish.. We live in the age of fast continuously changing trends where not only girls can rock the curls in their hair. Guys with short or long hair, naturally curly or straight hair, are all opting for