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10 Soccer Players With Extraordinary Hairstyles

Have you looked at one of those players and wished you could get a look like them and woo girls by getting one of those soccer haircuts. If you have then you must know that what actually sets their style apart is their haircut. There is probably no one who has been able to remain indifferent towards the charm of the game of soccer and perhaps we all have that one favorite soccer player whom we love not because of the number of goals they’ve hit but their style.

10 Soccer Players With Great Hairstyles

Here, we would let you have an insight about the haircut of some of your favorite players.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Let us start with the ever popular player. He has a tapered haircut with a parting on the side and messy hair on the top. He also got a ‘V’ shaped shave on the right side which he expects to bring him good luck. This is one of the most popular soccer haircuts.

2. Miguel Veloso Hairstyle:

Miguel Veloso Hairstyle

The hairstyle of this Portuguese player is getting popular very soon. The sides are cut so short that they almost blend with his facial hair while the back is a bit longer. The top is cut using a razor to add that texture and give an uneven length. The length is between one to three inches to make combing possible to one side.

3. Robbie Rogers:


To get the look like him, firstly shape the overall style using the cut. Ask your dresser to scissor comb below the crown and blend it. After that, get a hard part done on the left side and blend it throughout the back and top using the same technique. To get the exact look, keep the front hair a bit longer.

4. Wesley Sneijder nearly bald haircut:

(FILES) This photo taken on April 19, 2010, shows Inter Milan's Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder looking on as he attends a press conference at "la Pinetina" in Appiano Gentile on the eve of their UEFA Champions League football match against Barcelona FC. Sneijder, who was asked by Inter Milan to agree to a pay reduction and a longer contract, could play on December 2 in the Italian Football Championship, according to the team's coach. AFP PHOTO/ GIUSEPPE CACACE

For those with receding hairline, this is your soccer haircut guy. Close trim the top of the head not trying to hide the thinning areas. The look that you will get will not require much of care and also make you look good while not looking pretentious.

5. Gerard Piqué:

Gerard Piqué

To get a look like this soccer player, get the sides and back shortened while keeping long bangs. This is the one of the most popular soccer haircuts. Ask the hairdresser not to texture it which would leave the thickness and avoid wispy and spiky bangs.

6. Sergio Ramos:

Sergio RAMOS (RM). Fussball Champions League, Vorrunde 3. Spieltag, Borussia Dortmund (DO) - Real Madrid (RM), am 24.10.2012 in Dortmund / Deutschland

Real Madrid football star Sergio Ramos haircut is very popular in recent times. This short haircut is much sought after. Get spikes of mid-length done which do not look very straight up. Trim them close up on the sides as well as the back which would make the tresses look thick and wiry.

7. Olivier Giroud:


Another popular soccer player haircut. The player’s look is more of a waxed one where the sides and back are shaved closely. The hairstyle is very bouffant and controlled with clean wax to add that texture to the hair.

8. Kevin-Prince Boateng new stylish haircut:


He has gone a different way with the Mohawk soccer haircut. The head is shaved completely except for a wide strip in the center. The strip almost looks like a five o’ clock shadow or may be like a stripe painted on a hairless scalp.

9. Lukas Podolski’s simple but elegant hair:

It is one of the most low maintenance haircut. While the hair is kept short enough to stay away from eyes it is also left long enough to lie down on the head and needs to be trimmed once a month.

10. David Villa’s almost mohawk haircut:

David Villa is known to have reintroduced a dead hairstyle. It is more like Mohawk with the sides having fewer hair but instead of shaving them, they are cut shorter and the middle hair is left longer. This cut allows you to manipulate your hair the way you want to.

Hope you have enjoyed these 10 popular soccer player hairstyles to get your own or let us know your favorite player who also has amazing haircut and should get listed in this list.

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