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12 Short Haircut Ideas for Smart Black Men

Haircuts often develop your face and lend you a certain style. Whether you are a white male or a black one there are plenty of haircuts out there that could really enhance your personality. In this list we present you 12 smart Haircuts that will look good on black men.

1. Short Curls

Short and crisp curls can make you look sexy and charming at the same time. The top curls can be styled in a lot of ways adding to the personality of the jet back curls.

A model walks the runway during the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show as part of Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 on June 18, 2011 in Milan, Italy

2. Short Mohawk

Short Mohwak can look extremely cool on black men. The athletic bodies coupled with the ever popular hairstyle can up the cool quotient.


3. Short Neat Curly Hair

This hairstyle gives an elegant and sophisticated look.  The hair is cropped short to make it a neat curvy structure.


4. High Top Hair

This hairstyle has hair trimmed at the sides and puffed at the top to give a mischievous look.  A slim moustache can complete the look. The high top hair can add a few inches to the height.


5. Short Thick Cut

In this hairstyle the sides are slipped and the top is given a tapered cut to make it look thicker.


6. Short Straight Line Bangs Cut

This is another popular haircut and looks great on black men. The hair is cut in short straight line bangs and gives the forehead a broad look.

<> at Madison Square Garden on May 21, 2009 in New York, New York.

7. Dark and wavy short hair

This hairstyle involves shaving off the temples and leaving a wavy lock of dark hair at the top. This look can be teamed up a French beard or a goatee.


8. Short Haircut with Twist

The traditional short shave haircut can be given an interesting twist by making patterns in the shaved areas. This could include symbols to indicate a dedication or inspiration.


9. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is another hot favourite hairstyle. It augments the features of the face and can be sported at a formal as well as casual event.


10. Simple Black Crop

This haircut is a classic cut. The hair is cut very short so that it sits in a  flat style on the top of your head.


11. Patterned Hairstyles

Patterned hairstyles are in vogue. Many interesting twists and turns can be experimented in this style.


12. Bald Style

One of the coolest style statements is the bald look. A powerful face with a strong jawline can carry of this look in style.

Baldness in men because of the style - bald haircut for men-1

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