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15 Classic Taper Fade Cuts for Men

Modern day men love to style their hairs and look distinguished from the crowd. Services of professional hair stylists are sought by people who really care for perfection when hair styling is in contention. The stylists have invented many hair styles which have become global sensations and are adopted by men across the world. Below listed are 15 amazing taper fade hairstyles which are very popular among men worldwide

1. Tough Guy Fade

It is also called as the lumberjack fade and it is widely sported by healthier people as the look has an air of stubbornness and playfulness at the same time. The mop is generally thicker than regular fades.


2. Classic Fade with Facial Hair

Fading hairstyles were popularized by the military men who wear the same with pride. However, stylists coupled the classic military fade with mid-sized facial beard. The hairstyle involves thick hair on top which gradually fade to almost clean shaved levels around the ear.


3. Parted Fade for Long Hairs

Parted fade is a great party option for men with long hairs and are tired of the slicked back and neat styles. Parted fade creates an amazing impression on the onlookers.


4. Spiky Fade

Inception of spiky hairs created a revolution in the hair styling industry and the spikes are now an indispensable part of the same. Spiky fade is similar to the regular fade style but the top hairs are spiked using gel, wax or serum.


5. Curly Fade

People with curly hair can retain their original hair texture on top which fades like a regular fading style. Curly fades look so amazing that men have curled up their straight hairs to try out the look.

A model walks the runway during the Ermanno Scervino Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2011 show on June 22, 2010 in Milan, Italy.

6. Long Hair Long Beard with Fade

The macho element of this look has been a matter of discussion since some time now as it is considered to be a county look. But with a subtle variation like fade while retaining the long hairs has been appreciated by the people worldwide


7. Taper and Fade

Tapering has been a popular hairstyle since school days and still brings out the boyish charm among the men who sport the look. However, adding fade effect to the traditional taper is a very successful experiment and has taken the world of hairstyling by storm because of the wonderful look it provides despite simple techniques being used.

maxresdefault (1)

8. Custom Fades

Experimenting with hairstyles is a habit which will never go away. Getting artistic shaves in the faded section of the hairstyles has also attracted a lot of youth towards the same. Patterns like seasonal leaves, favorite team logo etc. are the most popular designs etched.

Custom Fade

9. Simple Slick and Fade

Slicked back hair with a damp and dazzle look continues to be a crowd favorite. However, recent tryouts of adding a fade under the regular slicked back look was a head turner and people appreciated the style a lot.

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10. Mohawk

Mohawks are one of the most popular hairstyles in the world and they require fading at the sides for the Mohawk to look at is presentable best.


11. Wild and Fade

Wild and messy top that leads to a faded finish around the neck and ear region sounds ironic but looks amazing and is one of the popular fades

Wild and Fade

12. Basic Spikes and Fade

This is different from the spiky fades as here the traditional spikes and short hair around it are further cropped on the descent to create a fading effect. This look suits young adults and college goers

Basic spikes and Fade

13. Angular Fade

Instead of a straight regular fade, some people sport angular fading that uses the effect only at the edges.

gents men hair


14. Retro Fade

This look is comparatively old and was introduced by a famous music group. The people with darker ethnicity are the most people who .Retro fade

15. Brushed Back Fade

For men who do not like spending a lot of time to get their hair styles right. A simple brushed back hairstyle which flaunts the fades at sides and neck allows people to save time and look great.

Brushed Back Fade

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