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15 Extraordinary Beard Styles You Must See

Since man appeared on earth, he considered his beard as a symbol of his masculinity and a visible way to demonstrate that he achieved his full potential as a real man.  Although time renews the fashion and style to wear it, it seems that today, it evolved in a way that its presence or absence is not considered important to represent his virility; men use other ways and other parts of the body to show their manhood, and the society in general, prefer to pay attention to those other pats.

Because of that, softer styles became more fashionable, and even manly men started to avoid a full beard, instead, they frequently choose styles like the ragged look of the 5 o’clock beard, short boxed beard, or a smooth shaven look, as well as no beard at all. In fact, a long beard is not considered a good sign but an example of carelessness, as well as a lack of sense of fashion; now, it is more associated with older men, those with hard works, such as, truckers, construction or similar works, and sometimes it is also associated with traditions, religious practices or particular life styles.

There are always exceptions, and long beards sometimes surprise us around when they are used by some young or middle aged sophisticated and wealthy men; these men invest time and effort, and sometimes a lot of money to make them look as neat as they can.

Besides them, there are still others men exhibiting and using their beards in a variety of ways, even to play, change their image or as artistic representations made of pure hair, and this is just where the fun begins! Below you may see some of them:

1. Braided Beard


2. Square Beard


3. A Foodie Beard


4. Creative Beard


5. Cat Tail Beard


6. Batman Beard


7. Question Mark Beard


8. Spidey Beard


9. Pacman Beard


10. Windmill Beard

Elmar Weiss with his windmill beard comp

11. Food holder Beard

incredibeard-beard-sanfrancisco-005 (1)

12. Designer Beard


13. Noodles Beard


14. Angry cat Beard


15. Anti Gravity Beard


You can try these unique, weird and extraordinary beard styles if you have the courage! To be honest you will need to have guts to try any of these.

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