15 Golden Hair Grooming Tips for Men
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15 Golden Hair Grooming Tips for Men

Most men of today’s generation have become very self-conscious. They want to groom themselves so that they can face the world with a lot of confidence. Grooming is no longer restricted to ladies- men have entered this territory and with a lot of swag too.

Here we will be talking about a very useful bunch of hair grooming tips for men so that all the men out there can manage their hair aptly and maintain their style quotient.


1. Find the right hairstyle for your face shape


Before you choose the correct haircut, know the right face shape. If you have a round shaped face, keep the sides of your hair leaner and go for square shape hair style. If you have a square shaped face, then keep the sides thin and short and the top long. If you have a diamond shaped face, then go for bangs on your forehead. If you have a long face, cut your hair in layers and make the top short.


2. You need to keep your hair hale and hearty

You need to know what products to use to keep your hair in good condition. Know whether you have a dry scalp or an oily scalp and decide your shampoo accordingly. Don’t pat your hair so that become too dry. Let the air do its job and cool off your hair.

3. Inhibit damage


It is of utmost importance that you do not damage your hair, in the quest of making your hair look fashionable. A very common technique that damages your hair considerably is blow drying. Do not blow dry your hair too often as it takes away the moisture and gives you a very rugged look. Such hair is difficult to manage too.

4. Use the right tools for your hair


Use a wide toothed comb. Do not use irons as they make your hair dry and damage them. Smoothen out tangles if any, gently. It is also advised that you do not brush your hair when wet as it leads to hair fall.

5. Keep your hair trimmed

hair trimmed

It is necessary that men keep their hair trimmed as it gives a very neat and tidy look. Trimmed hair is what portrays you as an organized person and highlights the style you are sporting. Looking messy was never the style quotient for real men, and it will never be.

6. Get rid of the frizz

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair stops you from making a style statement with your hair. If you want to get rid of the frizz, use a good conditioner, which keeps your hair in place so that you look immaculate.

7. Get a proper hair stylist


It is never enough to take measures to keep healthy hair nut it requires maintenance. It also requires supervision of an expert in this field. It is required that you choose a proper hair stylist who would know what exact look would suit you and give you a personalized make over that suits you well.

8. Put in some effort and know the various products

Hair Grooming Tips for Men 8

Men are often reluctant to put in an effort to look good. But in today’s world it is a necessity. Know about the various products that would enhance the look of your hair. See to it that you use them regularly. Surely taking out 10 minutes for your hair everyday wouldn’t harm you much.

9. Keep changing your style


To add some fun to your styling, you could experiment. Even failures will be a lesson so don’t be afraid. Suit yourself a hairstyle that will go along with the weather and help you feel comfortable.

10. Maintain your facial hair


The hair on your face matters as much as the hair on your head. For your hair to suit you, it is important that you maintain suitable facial hair. You have to decide what amount of facial hair goes with your hairstyle and if you can carry it properly.

11. Also, maintain the hair below your neck

Most men ignore the hair that grows below the neck. It doesn’t look nice when you are wearing a good t-shirt or a shirt and unkempt hair shows. These are necessary to follow if you want to groom yourself into a real man.

12. Sport a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle

Reflection of Man Bushing Hair in Mirror

If you do not have a lot of time to spend on your hair, then get a buzz cut or a crew cut. Make sure that it suits you. If not then go for other options. Before going for shortcuts, make sure that it goes with your personality, else all efforts to look smart and stylish will be in vain.

13. Know what length will suit you

Cute Long Curly Hairstyles Men Messy Hair

Many boys want to grow their hair long and make a different style statement than the usual. If it suits you and you can carry it well, then go ahead without a doubt. It is always advised that you take these decisions after thinking carefully so that you don’t have to regret it later.

14. Pay attention to your features


In addition to your facial hair and shape, also see if your hairstyle is in sync with the facial and body features. If you are tall, sport short hair and if you are short port longer hair on the top of your head. If you have a big nose, sport a style which gives a fuller look to your face so that your nose doesn’t stick out.

15. Know the latest trends


Keep yourself up to date about the recent trends. If you think it will suit you, go ahead and give it a try. You will make a mark wherever you go, stylish men are always eye candies!


Really hoping that these tips are going to be of great help to you. Dump the cliché that styling and grooming are for women- go ahead, pamper yourself, give yourself a renewed style and show people that side of you, they had never seen!

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