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17 Upscale Mohawk Hairstyles for Classic Men

Mohawk haircut originates back with warriors of indigenous American tribes; the people of the Mohawk nation. The Mohawks perceived their hair as a connection to their god, and therefore grew it long. But when they went to war, they cut all or some of it off, leaving that narrow strip, because it made it more difficult for an opposing tribe to take your hair as a trophy. Perceived to be a very outlandish and rebellious hairstyle, does not limit the spectrum of mphawk as it can be worn formally and casually as well. Here we present the list of 17 widely used Mohawk hairstyles by men across the world.

1. High Fade with Up Sweep

A mixture of a punk rock and skater boy avatar, this look is ideal for young guys. The Mohawk is inspired by Elvis Presley hair do and it sports a fade at the sides. The Mohawk has a peculiar swirl at the fore which distinguishes the style from others.

2. Sharp Skin Fade with Neat Combover

The look is very funky and is very popular among rock band artists. The Mohawk in this style is accentuated with an undercut to support the long hair atop. The sides need to be clean shaved and using a hairspray to hold the hair in place

maxresdefault (2)

3. Natural Curls with Fade Shave

People with naturally curly hair textures can also wear Mohawks by adopting this great style. The Mohawk is thin and pointed whereas the side hairs are shaved in a fading manner. The look can be worn formally as well as casually.


4. Short and Simple Mohawk

This is the most widely used Mohawks among all as it does not involves thinning or shaving the side hairs off. It is worn by professional footballers and various celebrities. It is very simple to manage as it can be achieved by simply creating a small level difference between the center and side hairs.


5. Widow’s Peak Mohawk

Men with slightly receding hair can wear this style to cover up the receding lines and beautify them.

widows peak

6. Wet and Wild

Messy Mohawks with medium sized hairs and applying a gloss enhancing product to the same creates an amazing photogenic setup. The sides need to be faded to create the perfect look.

gelled-hair men 2016-2017

7. Messy and Angular

Messy and angular Mohawks are great party wear styles. Medium length hairs with tapered sides are raised using hard hold gels or sprays and scattered messily and then upswept towards the center.

Cool-Short-Curly-Hairstyles-for-Boys-2015 (1)

8. Highlighted Mohawk

Mohawks with highlights is a great fashion statement. Highlights can be of any color but, the most widely used color is honey blonde.


9. Light and Messy

Men with thin hair can also join the Mohawk wearer’s list by getting this style done. The hairs are kept short with faded sides and the mount is created using the fingers to get the messy look.

mens-hairstyles-short-straight-hair-555edf1bcf88210. Brave Mohawk

Need to be different can also lead to adoption of this hairstyle which does not need a stylist. Individuals need to trim their hairs to minimal length and shave off everything apart from the Mohawk track


11. High Hawk

This is probably the most demanding Mohawk as it requires a lot of effort to grow and maintain. Long hairs need to be grown first and all side hairs must be shaven off. The long hairs are then individually mounted in a pattern like sun rays. It requires use of harsh chemicals to achieve and maintain this hairstyle. But when you love it – you simply love it.

<> on October 30, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

12. Feathered Style

The feathered style Mohawks are used for presenting a soft look while retaining the style quotient of the Mohawks. The sides need to be cut short and the top hair must have fine points to get a nice photogenic shape to the hairstyle.

Featherd Hairstyle

13. Real Dramatic Style

Clean shaving the sides and leaving behind a thick trail of hairs which is pointed at both the ends indeed creates an impression and turns many heads in the direction of the wearer.

Real Dramatic Style

14. Dutch Braid

Braids have cemented their position among men hairstyles and the world famous Dutch braid has been amalgamated with Mohawks by the professional hair stylists to create a new trend for people who like both the hairstyles. The same style can be used with cornrow Mohawks.

Dutuch Beard

15. Short and low Mohawk

Clean shaven sides and about half an inch of Mohawk row which is given a hardened texture using various products available that make the hair appear denser than they actually are.

Short and low Mohawk

16. Upswept Cut with Taper Fade

Taper faded sides and upswing strokes to the Mohawk using a comb, brush or fingers create an attractive hairstyle which can be worn to parties and social events.

Upswept Cut with Taper Fade


17. Long Hair Mohawks

This look is not only photogenic but also a real head turner in reality. The wearer needs to grow long hair and trim the sides regularly while adding an undercut to the upper hairs. Sporting a fully grown and long beard can help in achieving the perfect look for the wearer.

Long Hair Mohawks

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