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Get a New Look: 17 Versatile Men’s Hairstyles and Haircuts

Men’s haircut and styles have come a long way from the old fashioned single dimensioned cuts that were considered as the only options for decade after decade. Today there is an experimentation of cuts and styles to give the contemporary man lot of options to choose from according to the face shape.

1. Long Relaxed Style for Bohemians

This is perhaps the most simplest of all hairstyles that have grown increasingly popular for men. This hairstyle has men growing their tresses to around shoulder length. Curly, wavy or silky hair any type would look chic. These can be ties in a ponytail or man buns or left open as it suits you. The only maintenance required is to wash them regular and keep them clean and conditioned.


2. Classic Wet Look with Thick Hair

This is another style giving a twist to the wet look. The hair is parted at the side with a fine comb and the top is swept back in a quiff with gel to give it a tapered look. This can be combined with a trimmed beard or stubble to give a raw and sensuous look.


3. Quiff with Shaved sides

This is a hairstyle that can be used by men who have thin hair. The side edges can be shaved or have extremely short cropped hair while the top is a quiff which holds the long locks. This gives a very confident look and can a good hairstyle for functions or casual outings.


4. Layered Tapered Haircut for Wavy Hair

For men having layered hair this is one of the best options of hair styling. It’s a tapered haircut giving your locks a free flow to showcase the texture. This goes with both wavy and straight hair and gives a suave and dapper look.

5. Curly and Messy Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

The curly and messy hairstyle is a look that exudes confidence and attitude. This just out of the bed look is easy to style and pumps up the cool quotient. A good conditioner is needed to avoid frizz and you are all set to don this hairstyle.


6. Tapered Pompadour

Tapered Pompadour is a clean and neat cut and often goes well with a clean shaven look.  The edges are short while the top is combed to perfection. Styling gel can be used to give more twist to the top hair. This hairstyle is very popular in the professional environment.


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