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5 Trendiest Long Curly Hairstyles for Men

Men with long curly hair are mostly attractive and look stylish.. We live in the age of fast continuously changing trends where not only girls can rock the curls in their hair. Guys with short or long hair, naturally curly or straight hair, are all opting for the best long curly hairstyles. Even though curly hair can be a challenge, it can offer some unique funky looks. Check out our list of the top 5 long curly hairstyles for men and get ready to break girl’s hearts.


What Face Shape Would Long Curly Hairstyles Look Best On?

curly long hairstyle for men

What’s great about this look is that would work for all face shapes. In addition to that, curly hair makes you look younger so here’s to never grow old!


Tips & Tricks To Style Men’s Long Curly Hair

Below are some tips and tricks to get a stylish curly hair for men.

1. Delicately dry off your hair after a shower with a towel because constant drying with a hairdryer can probably weaken your hair.

2. Use a diffuser that spreads softly through your hair drying it softly without disturbing their natural curl. Without a diffuser, your curly hair will lose its natural groove and leave it to frizz. In case you don’t know what a diffuser is, it’s the usually round plastic attachment you add to the end of your hairdryer because hairdryers are often too strong for styling curly hair.

Tip: Set it to medium speed to avoid overheating of the scalp.

3. Don’t forget to apply a scented pomade for extra moisture and volume.


Our Favorite Curly Long Hairstyles For Men

Since endless hours of searching is the worst part of choosing a hairstyle, here’s a list of the top long curly haircuts for men waiting for you to snatch them up!


#1. Casually Curly Men

men's curly haircut

For some of you busy bees who can’t find enough time everyday morning to get a complete makeover, this curly long hairstyle tip goes to you. Salt spray is the key to flaunting casual curls with the least effort. Spraying and finger scrunching of a dry hair will get you the texture you are seeking in the flash of a second.


#2. Add Some Color

hair colored curly hairstyle for men

Get frisky and celebrate the summer season by welcoming it with your brand new ocean blue hair tips. You’ll be surprised with what this little touch can do.


#3. Dressing Messy

messy curl

Another helpful tip: some of the men’s best long curly hairstyles are worn messy. So, the random and effortless silhouette can reflect your flexible personality to try new experiences and accept different opinions.


#4. Classy Soft Curls

men soft curly blonde hairstyle

Rather than formal, this is a great style for someone who wants a professional and fashionable look at the same time. It’s soft but manly and therefore it gives you best of both worlds. In conclusion, keep your curls natural and loose there’s no need to improvise.


#5. More Volume

voluminous long curly hair

How can you increase your long curly hairstyle’s volume? Try using the diffuser in a different way. That means diffusing your curls upside down. Therefore, at least the volume will increase twice what it was.


All in all, remember that not just any barber experienced with curls can give you the stylish look you seek. So, be careful before letting someone’s scissors near your hair. Finally, choose one of the curly long hairstyles for men that suit you best and be on the safe side!

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