5 Chicest Hairstyles of Lionel Messi You'll Surely Love
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Best 5 Hairstyles of Lionel Messi, the Chicest Hairstyle Trend-setter

Lionel Messi is the most respected and talented player of our times. Those who play with him and those who watch him play feel equally privileged to be part of the same event which has Lionel Messi in it. This Argentinian player is a legend on the field and a trendsetter of the field. Messi’s sense of fashion has always been appreciated by the fans as well as the critics. He has sported various hairstyles throughout his career and each of them have suited him wonderfully. His fans have always taken his cue and followed his style. Kudos to Messi for never failing his fans both on the field as well as a trend setter.

Let us take a peek into what has been the best 5 hairstyles of Messi.

1. Spiked up


Messi has sported a very neat spike. The spikes are nicely shaped and the sides of his hair neatly trimmed. The neatness of the haircut makes it unique. This look is extremely classy and smart. As a hairstyle, it can be carried off in formal as well as informal events equally well. You could pull it off in a pair off denims and also look great in a formal suit with the same haircut. This hairstyle has been highly followed by his fans.

2. Mop-top


Messi had also sported the extremely unique mop-top haircut. This cut demonstrates mid length hair which has bangs and fringes that brushes over ones forehead. At the back, the length of the hair is that of one’s collar and the ears too are partly covered with the hair. Messi looked incredibly cute with this haircut. The hair flocked up when he ran and made another reason for him to be the centre of attraction on the field, as if his skills weren’t enough.

3. Mohawk


This haircut has been sported by many football players but the way Messi has managed to carry it is impeccable. His style quotient has increased by leaps and bounds given how he looks after the haircut. Mohawk, as we know, is a haircut where the hair is buzzed or shaves at the sides and a strip of hair is left in the middle. This middle portion is mostly spiked and in Messi’s case, it was spiked too. This haircut suited him as expected. This was the coolest haircut one could have sported and it tallied with the controlled aggression with which he played on the field.

4. Hair band style


Messi grew his hair long enough to wear a band. This was a unique style. He pushed his hair at the back with the band, which prevented his long hair from disturbing him during the band. Off the field, this hair band became a huge sensation amongst his fans and most of them turned to the band as their new hairstyle too.

5. Short hair with bangs


This was a unique haircut. Mostly it is seen that bangs are sported with long hair. But Messi made a cool exception and cut his hair in a way that the bangs weren’t too long, neither was the length of the hair. It suited him perfectly and made him look extremely smart and handsome.

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