20 Best Hairstyles for Fat Men with Chubby Faces 2017
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20 Best Hairstyles for Fat Men with Chubby Faces

Chubby faces need not always denote that you look like a kid. With the help of some grooming and some styling, especially, with the hair, you can always carry off any personality in the world! Because of the presence of a heavy jawline, it is important that the hair (which is adaptable easily) is styled in such a way that it balances the chubbiness.


1. Spiked hair

spiked hairstyle for Men with Chubby Faces

Spiked hair is the easiest way in which a man can get to divert the heaviness from the jawline and balance it out evenly around the face thus giving a slightly edgier look. But you must be careful about the angle the spikes are in. For this you need to notice your jawline carefully as most of the times, the jaw is tilted towards one side more than the other. The spikes should be angled in the opposite direction.


2. Side bangs

Side bangs for men with chubby faces

Haircut for a chubby face like this can create a damn good look. For men with straight hair and a chubby face, getting side bangs is a clever way to style your face. The side bangs create an angle between the face and give the impression of having a longer face.

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