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Best Hairstyles for School Boys with Glasses 2014

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In the modern world school boys often have to wear glasses. However, it is not a bad thing. Glasses make people look older and respectable, while adding them some style. If the glasses and hairstyle are chosen correctly, the overall appearance of any school boy can change dramatically. Boys can go from looking untidy and disheveled to appearing grown up and wise. So, if the glasses stage is completed, the time has come to find the best hairstyles for boys who sport them. When you wear eyeglasses, the right hairstyle will not only depend on face and hair type, it will also need to accommodate the shape of your frames.

Neat and Respectable Hairstyles fro School Boys with Glasses

If you are a school boy, who for some reason or another needs to wear glasses, no need to sweat it! A great hairstyle coupled together with fashionable frames will make you look and feel fantastic. Tired of being called names and feeling outside the crowd? Get a new and fashionable hairstyle, which will once and for all stop other guys from making fun of you. Be stylish and respectable and there is nothing that can stop you. Check out the list of best hairstyles for school boys with glasses below and make your choice.

1. Wear a cap


If you don’t have time to run and make a hair salon appointment right now, you can always wear a cap. A backwards cap always looks stylish and does wonders for hiding whatever it is you have on your head. This is also a great solution for bad hair days.

2. Shag with long bangs


Messy hairstyles look amazing, but they need a lot of care not to look messy. If you can deal with this challenge, then you can create a long shag with a nice fringe. This hairstyle is perfect for making a statement regardless of what kind of glasses you are wearing.

3. Go blond


If you have gotten fashionable glasses, then you should do all you can to flaunt them. A great way to outline the accessory is to color your hair. Make sure to get the advise of your stylist about which shade to choose. All will depend on your hair and skin type.

4. Undercut


Don’t know what to choose? Get an undercut. This is an all purpose hairstyle, which will look good with just about any type of glasses. It will free some time up from hair hassle and will make you look neat and decent.

5. Short shape up


Shape ups are in style nowadays. If you have coarse and curly hair, all you need to do is cut it very short and do a shape up around it. This makes a very fashionable haircut. Coupled with glasses your image will be extremely respectable.

6. Comb over


Ready for some hair experiments? Try the comb overs. You will need to cut the sides short and leave some volume on top to brush it back. Such hairstyle is kept intact with hair gel or spray. Comb over looks great with square frames.

7. Very short pixie


A very short pixie is perfect for young school boys with glasses. It look especially well on straight and fine hair. This hairstyle requires absolutely no maintenance except for brushing and will be really appreciated by any school boy.

8. Shag with side swept bangs


If your eyeglasses are very stylish, it makes sense to keep them in focus. In order to draw attention to your eyes, you can create long side swept bangs. Such hairstyle is considered to be very fashionable, but requires a bit of daily hair care.

9. Brush it up


This undercut is great for guys with wavy and curly hair. The top is left to be about 2 inches long and is brushed upwards for a voluminous look. If your face shape allows round glasses, then volume on top will be a great addition to your image.

10. Bangs


Bangs are in style. So, if you want the best hairstyle for school boys with glasses without putting in too much effort, make short bangs. If you hair is wavy, the short fringe will look especial great when side swept.

Now you are absolutely sure that glasses don’t just add style to your image, they become a great motivation for a fashionable haircut. Great hairstyles coupled with well-chosen glasses will make you look truly amazing.

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