40 Black Men Fade Mohawk & Fohawk Hairstyles
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40 Fade Mohawk & Fohawk Hairstyles for Men to Redefine Your Look

Fade Mohawk & Fohawk hairstyles for black and white men: For a tough and intense look, the afro men usually prefer Mohawk and Fohawk hairstyles. These hairstyles are often believed to be cool and head turners. It is said that to afford a real Mohawk hairstyle one has to be really sporty and sturdy. But the reality is that anybody can have these super rugged mohawk and fohawk hairstyles if they take a serious try.


Best Mohawk and Fohawk Haircuts and Hairstyle for Black Men

For african american black men, mohawk and fohawk suits the best. Following is a list of 40 such extraordinary black men fade Mohawk and Fohawk hairstyles that will look elegant if you can choose according to your face.


1. Mohawk hairstyle with braided hairs


Usually black men have curly and thick hairs. This hairstyle perfectly matches with their funky attitude. The hair length is kept medium and braids are made all over the head using these medium sized hairs. Using hair creams and mousses the tiny hair braids are made to stand roughly which gives a rigid look.


2. Winsome black Mohawk haircut

In this hairstyle, the hair is cut short to give a charming and appealing appearance. Hairs on the center part of the head are left a little longer than the remaining hairs. The sides are cut shorter than the other hairs. This haircut is very popular among teenagers and school going boys.

3. Creative black Mohawk style

It is almost same as the previous one; the only difference is in the level of creativity. The haircut is made catchy by giving it an artistic flavor. It suits well for those who have an inclination for art. Just like tattoos, it has also gone viral among the youngsters.


4. The shortest Mohawk hairstyle

Only the hair on the central part of the head is kept and the remaining hairs are shaved off. This provides an athletic and super energetic appearance. Though the look is quite rough, it is liked by almost all afro sportsmen.


5. The all-time Faux Hawk

The thick hair pattern certainly looks stunning in this hairstyle. This haircut requires the hair to be carefully and distinctively trimmed. It is a low maintenance hairstyle and therefore a guy doesn’t need much hairstyling products to secure it.

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