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35 Cool Hairstyles For Men With Big Forehead

Many men have a larger than average forehead because of either the natural shape of the face or a receding hairline but that definitely does not mean that the haircut has to be unfashionable in any way. There are many haircuts and hairstyles for men with a large forehead! You can either flaunt the forehead or camouflage it. Here are 35 cool hairstyles for stylish men with big forehead.


Great Hairstyles for Men with Large Foreheads

There is a great variety of big forehead hairstyles for you to choose from. Whether you want to hide it or to flaunt it, we are offering enough options here to suit even the pickiest customer. Don’t forget to reflect on how much time you will need to spend in order to keep the chosen style intact. If you don’t have much time to spend on your look in the morning, search for the low-maintenance cuts. If you can allow yourself some time to deal with your style, we are offering some of the more complicated but at the same time fabulous hairstyles as well.


Keep it long and layered

men with layered hairstyle

Those men who have a large forehead and love to keep long locks, a great way to complement the two features is to arrange the haircut with layers. This can be done for both straight and curly hair. Hair with layers can be parted in the middle or sideways with bangs over the forehead.

Most popular comb over fade hairstyles for guys


Hair with medium length and textures

Hair with medium length and textures

Men who prefer a little bit of length to the hair as well as avoid the hair to fall over the shoulders can choose a haircut that has short sides but towards the center of the head, the hair keeps increasing in length little by little. This type of haircut can be given a lot of textures with the use of serums and hair gels for a rugged look and also a side-swept corporate look.

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