50 Coolest Short Haircuts for Smart School Boys
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50 Coolest Short Haircuts for Smart School Boys

6. Bangs:

bangs hairstyle for school boys

Many young school boys are following the little starlet, Greyson Chance for his uber stylish hair which he often wears with uneven bags messily placed on his forehead. This makes the face look lovelier and more stylish without having to use any hair product.

7. Curly hair

Curly hairstyle for school boys

Having naturally curly hair is a blessing in disguise to many people. But often than not, kids miss out of the number of ways curly hair can be stylized. It is also very convenient because there is no need to add volume artificially. Also, you do not need a comb to keep it in place!

8. The Funky Cornrow

Funky Cornrow hairstyle for school boys

The cornrow never goes out of style no matter what year or season it is. It is one of the most stylish haircuts and one of the most, if not the most convenient hairstyle for kids going to school. It does take some time to get it done but once it is done, you can go around without any fuss or bothering about how your hair looks because the cornrows will stay just in place till you untie them.

9. The razor cut

razor cut hairstyle for school boys

If you want to look formal and also stylish in school depending on the occasion, the razor cut is definitely for you. It is easily manageable and can be styled perfectly depending on the occasion.

10. Side parted hair

Side parted hairstyle for school boys-

This hairstyle imparts a classic look to the face. It is also suitable for formal occasions like inter-school events. A partial parting to the hair will give a softer look to the face.

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