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10 Funky Hairstyles for 11 Year Old Boys

Some of us might not remember what it is like being 11 years old. We have forgotten how much fun something crazy can be at this age. That’s why young boys often ask their parents for something funky. So, before you say “no” once again, think about being a kid. You are only 11 once, so why not take advantage of this age. Doing something crazy with your boy’s hair is a great (and very cheap) way to make him look funny, funky and amazing. Your kid will definitely say thank you. If you are not ready to try this at home, ask your hairstylist to do the job. There are some interesting hairstyles for your 11 year old boy to choose from. Give one of them a try!


Fun and Crazy 11 Year Old Boy Hairstyles

Being 11 years old is all about having fun. Before your boy grows old enough to be pounded with different adolescent and adult problems, he should have a fun childhood. Getting a funky haircut is a great idea to make your boy’s day. Some of them are easy to make, others will need some professional help. Do some experimenting with washable hair dyes. They can make any boy a real star for one day. We have prepared a list of 10 amazing and funny hairstyles for your 11 year old boy. Browse them together and you’ll definitely find something you both like.


1. Spiky mohawk


A spiky mohawk is an absolute must have hairstyle for any boy. If parents are bold enough to let him have it, an 11 year old is sure do be ecstatic about it. However, making spikes can be a hassle and will require some hair gel.

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2. Spikes with red tips


This hairstyle is great for a special occasion. It is styled from any regular taper fade or an undercut. Hair is brushed toward the middle and secured with a lot of hair gel to look like a crest. The tips are colored red (or any color) with washable dye.


3. Mohawk with patterns


If your boy is ready to do some shaving (and he most probably is) then you can ask your hairstylist for some pattern experiments. They can vary from simple lines and geometrical figures to letters, phrases and even drawings, such as you see in the photo.


4. Red spikes


Spikes are always trendy. You can make them even more fun by using washable hair dye. Make the tips any color you like. This is a great hairstyle of choice for a birthday party or a soccer match. Your boy will definitely be dazzled.

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5. Rainbow


Color experiments are especially fun when you are young. So, why not let your 11 year old have a fun day with colors. Get some washable hair dye and let his imagination run wild. The result can be so impressive, you might even like it.


6. Get outrageous


If regular patterns don’t seem crazy enough for you, go for something more outrageous. All will depend on how good your stylist is. You might even need to find a real professional. Browse some pattern options and choose the wildest one!


7. Dye it!


Outrageous colors might shock you as a parent, but will be loved by your kid. Give your 11 year old a chance to be a real star with crazy hair color. You can start with blue and go on to green and red. Make your kid shine with pleasure!


8. Make an explosion


This crazy hairstyle for your 11 year old boy doesn’t seem too outrageous since he probably has a hair explosion every time he gets out of bed. If your boy’s hair is long, let him go wild with a real messy hairstyle. Use some hair gel to keep it upwards.

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9. Wild curls


If your boy’s hair is wavy, make some wild curls by applying some hair gel on wet hair and let it dry this way. This is one of the simpler hairstyles, which might satisfy both parents and the son. Great for a special occasion!


10. Get a family look


If you have a mohawk yourself, why should your kid wear a dull shag? Organize a fun family night out of going to the barber shop and making the same hairstyles. Your child will really appreciate it and you’ll both have something to remember.

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These wild hairstyles for your 11 year old boy will make any little guy’s day. So, stop saying “no” to your kid and get a fun and outrageous style which he will remember for the rest of his life. Have fun!

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