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Daniel Radcliffe Shaved Off All His Hair To Get The New Look

The messy haired boy who rocked the world with his first movie appearance as an 8 year old in the first part of Harry Potter Series i.e. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is now a global celebrity owing to the tremendous fan following attained by the saga. Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who starred as Harry Potter is highly regarded for his acting prowess and on screen skills. The actor is now all set for his new project which is expected to be a thriller as Daniel plays an FBI agent in the movie Imperium. The movie has just begun its shooting and is expected by the end of 2016.

Daniel is highly regarded for his commitment to work and he has proven the same this time by sporting a bald and clean shaved look for the movie. The look was reportedly requested by the producers and Daniel showcased his professionalism by accepting the same. Daniel shared his new look with his fans via a Social Networking platform.

Daniel has been previously known for sporting different looks and hairstyles. He sported long and lanky bangs soon after the release of the last part of Harry Potter series and attracted a lot of media bytes on his look. Couple of years ago Daniel was seen sporting a fuzzy beard with the trademark messy hairs which won him a lot of admirers kudos to Harry Potter fame.

Daniel Radcliff was popular in last years, because of his hair extensions.


His facial hairs also created a lot of buzz.


Daniel Radcliff has gone for a transformation and shaved off all his hair. He has literally shaven off all of his hair.

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The buzz cut is done for the upcoming movie Imperium. We love Harry Potter whatever hairstyle he carries!

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