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15 Fashionable Dope Haircuts for Black Men

Black men often have unruly curly hair. That’s why they are looking for hairstyles which will bring some fashionable neatness into their life. Working on your image is not an easy job, especially if you are starting out with something that is hard to handle. But there is no reason to despair. There are many different ways to deal with your hair without spending hours on it. There are several advantages to curly hair. It is thick and stands upward without any help form hair cosmetics. This allows black men to sport amazing high undercuts and make others envious of their Afros. Wedge cuts and dreadlocks are something other men might be afraid of. Black men can easily make them without any hassle.

Latest Dope Haircuts for Black Men

If you are a black man with thick and curly hair, then you have an amazing variety of the latest hairstyles to choose from. If you are not a fan of hair gel, then look at some undercuts and taper fades. If you are ready to face the styling challenges, then browse some spikes and Afros. We are offering you an interesting list of the latest hairstyles for black men to choose from. There are many more out there, but we have picked out the ones to suit you best. If you are not looking for something outrageous, then these clean cut latest hairstyles will certainly please you.

1. Undercut with a beard


A simple undercut looks great on black men with thick curly hair. It can be created to look very short and still keep a lot of style. A beard is a great addition to any hairstyle nowadays, since facial hair is considered trendy.

2. Taper fade shape up


Taper fade is hard to make on curly hair, so the sides are usually cut very short. However, the top can be kept as high as you wish. Shape it up in order to make your hairstyle even more impressive. No more maintenance is required. Curls will do the job.

3. Impressive spikes


This is one of the latest black men hairstyles that will need some maintenance on your part. Styling such spikes might be a hassle, so ask your barber to show you the way. Once you see how they are done, you can easily create them on your own.

4. Enjoy the simplicity


This hairstyle is easy to make and not too hard to maintain. It makes a clean cut impression which will make any man look respectable. You can play around with goatees and mustaches to add your image a little flavor.

5. Wedge hairstyle


Wedge hairstyles are very popular nowadays and thick curls are perfect for making the most amazing ones. This haircut will not cause you any hassle, if you cut your hair on a regular basis. You will need some hair gel to give it shape.

6. Ocean waves


Ocean waves are a wonderful way to style your short hair. You will need to learn how to wield a special brush to make them. Don’t forget to use lot of hair gel to make the waves stay in place. You can ask your stylist to add a stripe or two.

7. Taper fade with a full beard


Going for a taper fade is a great way to always look stylish and neat. The shorter the fade, the less problems it will cause you and the more time you will have until your next barber’s appointment. Add a full beard to get a more artistic look.


8. Afro


A lot has been said about Afros overt the years. Some people think they’ve gone out of style 40 years ago, others believe they are hard to manage. However, any black man sporting an Afro will really keep some pretty heads turning his way.

9. Fohawk


Thinking about a fohawk? Then it is the best time to get one. While you won’t have to shave most of your head like you would for a mohawk, this hairstyle will still leave you a lot of room for making a statement.

10. Mohawk


Mohawks are always a win-win choice, so why not use the opportunity to get one? A man with a mohawk is always at the very center of attention. Just make sure to style the top part right. Don’t leave it too short or too messy.

11. Short and neat


If you want to uphold a clean cut image, you can go for this short and neat undercut. It will also help you avoid any hassle with your unruly curls. Keep the sides very short or shaved and the top part not more than one inch long.

12. Get creative


If you are feeling up to something wild, then this creative mohawk is for you. Leave one thick strand on top of your head and grow it as long as you can. Such long hair will not stand up on its own, so you will need some hair gel assistance.

13. Sport is life


If you are into sports or just like an active way of life, you will appreciate this haircut for black men who don’t like to sit around. The shorter you make your hair, the better it will look. However, don’t make it too boring. Add a shaved line or two.

14. Spiky Afro


This spiky Afro is something many black men dream about but are afraid of making. So, if you have decided to change something in your life, why not start with the hairstyle? Ask your stylist to create this amazing haircut. You will surely love it.

15. Grow a full beard


Whatever haircut for black men you choose, take some time to think about a full beard. Beards are considered very trendy nowadays. If you have enough patience to grow and take care of facial hair, then you are ready for anything!

We hope these latest hairstyles for black men helped you understand how easy the image choice can be. Spend some time browsing these 15 options again and you will surely find what you are looking for. Good luck with making the right choice!

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