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22 Elegant Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Men of these days love medium length hairstyles. There is a number of men who think short hair is less flattering and malleable than long hair, but don’t want to go through all the trouble of 30 min mirror styling every day. This is why medium hairstyles are the ultimate solution for your dilemma! Like always, the key is a combination of styling and finding the right product. Here are some guidelines to walk you through the process.


Are The Medium Length Hairstyles A Good Option for Men?

medium hairstyles for men

  1. It’s the in-between stage. So, it’s the perfect solution for those who are not sure what hair length they want.
  2. It’s an extremely versatile length that can be shaped into various styles to suit any occasion you might be attending.
  3. It gives you the best of both worlds. You can leave it natural and shaggy if you’re feeling lazy, or you can put some effort and style it for a special event.

Coolest Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Whether you have got short or long hair lengths, you have to get yourself all the latest enhancements. And nowadays, enhancements include hair care and grooming. Here is a list of all the men’s coolest medium length hairstyles out there. Get inspired!


#1. Dapper and Dashing

men medium dapper hairstyle

This is one of the trendiest medium length hairstyles for men who are opting for something a little more elegant and sophisticated. It’s a timeless look that takes off a few years of your age while maintaining your serious character.

Burst Fade Mohawk of Usher Black Men Haircuts

How To Style It?

  1. Use hair gel lightly to get a hold of the hair strands.
  2. Brush it back with a little swerve to the side.
  3. After combing, run your fingers in the same direction through your hair delicately in order to soften the comb lines. This smoothens the curves and makes them look natural rather than fake.
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