15 Formidable Faux Hawk Fades for Men to Flaunt in 2017
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15 Formidable Faux Hawk Fades for Men to Flaunt in 2017

If you ever decide to make a great impression on your friends, family or colleagues, take advantage of the faux hawk fades for men. These hairstyles have been gaining popularity since the middle of the last century. And if 60 years ago they were considered outrageous and appalling, the in the modern days they are an indication of a great individuality. Not many men are ready to go to such lengths to make a statement. But those who do can flaunt such amazing hairstyle that can create a heart-stopping effect. From short and slightly faded fohawks to long and prominent faux hawk fades, these hairstyles are truly inspiring.


Faux Hawk Fades For Men Without Limits

When it comes to faux hawk fades for men, the sky is the limit. There are so many different versions you can come up with. All depends on how your imagination works and how much research you do. In order to help you a little, we came up with 15 striking options. They are suitable for most hair and face types. Each one of them is carefully crafted to help a man make a solid statement. Take advantage of a few!

1. High faded fohawk with a pompadour

fauxhawk fade style 1

By creating this high faded fohawk with a pompadour, you are taking advantage of one of the mohawk-like haircuts out there. The high fade features almost fully shaved sides but the effect is much more stylish.

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2. Low faux hawk designs

fauxhawk fade hairstyle

Whenever you are opting for a mohawk or a fohawk, you can enjoy various hair designs. Consider making a few on the bottom and sporting a long mane on top. The longer the hair, the better the effect.

3. Fauxhawk with a drop fade

fauxhawk fade haircut

A high drop fade is a good choice for a faux hawk hairstyle. It allows you to create a unique shape that looks perfect with a well-styled top of your fohawk. Keep the top spiky and wild.

4. Hair saving options

faux hawk style

This faux hawk fade for men is exactly what you need if you are not ready to say goodbye to most of the hair. The low drop fade on the sides allows you to save a big part of your mane while sporting a stylish haircut.

5. Scissors undercut

scissors faux hawk fade 2017


This option is closer to an undercut than a faux hawk. However, if styled correctly, it can create a great impression. The hair on the sides is faded with the help of the scissors and the ‘hawk’ on top is spiked.

6. The real deal

fauxhawk fade

This is a classic approach to the faux hawk fade for men. The hair is carefully tapered on the sides. The hair on top and the back is left intact and long enough for various styling experiments.

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7. Appealing image

fauxhawk hairstyle for men this year

The main attraction of a faux hawk hairstyle for men is the way the top part is styled. No matter which fade you choose on the sides, if you don’t pay special attention to the top, the image will be ruined.

8. Fade outlines

trending faux hawk style


Faux hawk fades for men are great for the room they give for your imagination. Take a look at how the fade transition is outlined here. You can either use one line or a few for each of the levels.

9. Solid crest

solid crest faux hawk

If you are trying to save the sides and create a scissors fade, pay special attention to the top. The spikes are popular, but a neat crest, like the one you see in the photo, is exactly what you need for a solid look.

10. Curly faux hawk

fauxhawk fade hairstyle in 2017

If your hair is curly and hard to manage, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your faux hawk dream. You can keep the sides faded and the top short enough to avoid a lot of maintenance.

11. Faux faded faux hawk

fauxhawk fade style

Men who are looking to create a faux hawk but want to keep the hairstyle as subtle as possible can take advantage of this simple trick. The hair is slightly faded on the sides while the rest stays intact. The top is spiked.

12. Short faux hawk

fauxhawk for men

Faux hawk fades for men don’t necessarily have to be long. You can enjoy a fashionable haircut without too much maintenance. This short option will appeal to guys with thick and hard to manage hair.

13. Bieber faux hawk fade

Justin Bieber fauxhawk fade

Justin is sporting a lazy faux hawk with slightly tapered sides and a high pompadour on top. This hairstyle takes just a few minutes to make but is hard to keep neat. Therefore, if you are not ready for constant touch-ups, this lazy option is not for you

14. Prominent fohawk

fohawk faux hawk style


Faux hawk fades vary from subtle to prominent. This is an obvious option that’s ready to conquer the hearts of all the girls you meet on your way. Keep the top spiked up and thorny.

15. Fashionable fohawk

stylish faux hawk hairstyle

This neat and fashionable faux hawk is a real masterpiece. You can bring your hairdresser this photo in order to create the most stylish hairstyle. Make sure to come for regular touch ups in order to maintain the neatness.

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Faux hawk fades for men are a wonderful way to diversify your style. If you feel as if you are not up to even the laziest options, review this list every once in a while. You’ll choose one soon enough.

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