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Funky Hairstyles for Men 2016 – Cool Boys Haircut Styles

Funky hairstyles for men have been popular for ages. In the past centuries they have been mostly used to make a statement and were pretty rare. As time went on funky style became more and more widely used and lost its initial originality. However, it doesn’t mean that it went out of style. These hairstyles just became different. And “funky” is often considered to be much less outrageous then it used to be. We will discuss the beauty of men’s hair and how to go about making funky as well as cool boys haircuts.


The variety of men’s haircuts is much smaller than women’s. However, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to choose from. Actually the choice is pretty rich and becoming more and more interesting every year. There is a lot of room for imagination even when all you’ve got is a more or less classical undercut. Even though centuries have passed, the most popular men’s hairstyles stayed short. Fashion dictates short and neat hair. But some men don’t like to follow fashion and are ready to create something out of the ordinary.

Modern hairstyles for medium and long length of hair are also rather varied. The popular cool boy hairstyle in 2016 will be classical short hair with straight bangs and short temples and back. Also this season will bring us fashionable haircuts with the top part standing up, which will remind us of the 60’s and Elvis. While they were pretty popular half a century ago, nowadays they can easily be considered funky.


Also 2016 brings us men’s hairstyles with ragged ends and asymmetrical strands. These original and stylish hairstyles will be perfect for brave and brutal men, who like to stand out of the crowed and sometimes shock people with the way they look. Also such men will appreciate long hairstyles. In 2016 long straight hair is in style. It gives men a certain air of romance and freedom. Any artistic nature will appreciate the uniqueness such long hair will give their appearance.

However, no matter how creative, outstanding, incredible and stunning fashionable funky men’s hairstyles are, there is still a lot of place for cool boy haircuts. Many men like to either make real short haircuts or shave their heads altogether. They will be happy to know that military haircuts haven’t gone out of style. So, they can easily sport a short hairstyle without being afraid of being unfashionable.

Long and spiky haircuts are also in style this year. Consider getting your hair long and styling it with hair gel to create spikes. No problem if these spikes will not hold all day, the appearance you will get with falling down spikes is actually what you should be looking for. The messier and the spikier you will make you hairstyle, the funkier it will look. Men who want to stand out of the crowed will surrey appreciate this hairstyle.

For men who don’t appreciate too much hair hassle, but still want to be unique, 2016 brings long bangs. While bangs used to be something women care about, the world has changed. Now a well-styled fringe will become an important accessory to a funky hairstyle for men in 2016. There are several ways to go about it. It can be left long and straight and side swept. Or it can be cropped short and styled with some hair gel. Men with curly hair can make a very stylish haircut by cutting most of their hair short and leaving long curly fringe in front. This will surely get some attention. Windblown bangs are also becoming popular. The thicker the hair, the better such fringe will look. However, all these bangs’ style will need a lot of haircare, which might scare some guys away. But if you are not afraid of challenges, then you can sport one of the funkiest and most stylish hairstyles in 2016.

As time has it, hairstyle fashion revolves around sports, move and music starts. So, fans are ready to copy the haircuts of their idol. The world of fashion is holding their breath to find out what new funky and cool hairstyles popular stars will come up with this year. Let’s wait and see!

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