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22 Mesmerizing Havana Twists for Black Women

Havana twists, like Marley twists, are formed with two strands of hair using the invisible strand method. Although not so cheap in terms of cost, those hair extensions tend to create fuller and thicker twists when they’re loose. They can be gorgeously worn into several styles that we’ll be presenting in this article, so make sure to have a look.


#1: Loose Havana Twists

loose havana twists

You can sport a comfortable and gorgeous style with long Havana twists, and that is by simply keeping them loose. For even loose twists hold a voluminous sense of style in them.

Best Marley Twist Hair Ideas

#2: Side Mohawks

favorite Side Mohawks twists hairstyle

With one side of your head shaved, leave your thick twists loose on the other side. To add more style, consider making your loose hair into bob length twists.


#3: Purple Ombre Top Knot

Large top knots can be easily created with thick Havana twists. Several colored strands can be added too, purple for an instance, to add your personified vibe to it.


#4: Top Knots and Mohawks

This gorgeous look can be achieved by shaving the sides and back of your head, then creating Havana twists with your top hair and turning them into a top knot. For a more personified look, consider adding some strands of the color you prefer.


#5: Ash Gray Twists

Havana Twists come in different colors making it easier to add some hue to your style, by simply choosing the colored strands you prefer. This ash gray became a trendy color for hair in the past few months, so might as well try sporting something fashionable.

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