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22 Mesmerizing Havana Twists for Black Women

#6: Braided Twists

Braided Twists hairstyle for black women

After creating some thick twists, direct them towards one side of your head and braid them. You can form such styles when you’re bored of letting your twists loose and want an easy style to go for.


#7: High Ponytail

High Ponytail black hair

Since Havana twists are thick, it’ll be a little bit hard to hold them up into a ponytail. Try using a small scarf to hold them up and get a stylish look in return.


#8: Loose Ends

Hold the front twists of your hair to the back to keep them from your face. Then let your twists become looser at the ends for a change in style.


#9: Massive Bun

Massive Bun hairstyle for black girl

Havana twists are quite light and comfortable to style. Wrapping them on top of your head will result in a massive bun, fancy enough for an outing.


#10: Cruella de Vil

girl favorite Cruella de Vil haircut

Combining two colors without blending them in will make you stand out in the crowd, and creating a clear separation line between them can turn you into a modern Cruella de Vil.

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