How Long Hair Transplant Procedure Lasts
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How Long Does Hair Transplant Procedure Last

Well it’s a common question before going for a hair transplant surgery, ‘How long does the hair transplantation procedure lasts?‘ The follicular unit hair transplant is mainly of two types:

  • Strip harvesting
  • Follicular unit extraction

After the initial analysis of scalp by the surgeon, various procedures and sessions are discussed by the surgeon based on the condition of the scalp and the chances of rejuvenation. The techniques for harvesting the hair sample to be transplanted are primarily of two types:

Strip harvesting: this is the most common technique for harvesting the hair from the donor site. A strip of skin is harvested from an area of good hair follicle growth.
Strip harvesting


Follicular unit extractions: in this technique, individual follicular units containing 1 to 4 strands of hair are harvested and are grafted in a particular density and pattern in the required site.

fue hair transplant

During the first ten days after the surgery,  all of the transplanted hairs, traumatized by their relocation, will fall out. The greatest thing about hair transplant procedure is that it is usually a permanent procedure. Depending on the extent of the process, the hair transplant procedure may take four to eight hours approximately. Additional sessions are also required if hair loss persists or thicker hair is required by the patient.

Also, usually for a vast range of patients, hair transplants last as long as a whole lifetime. However in some exceptional cases, a small portion of hair is lost gradually with the process of ageing. This primarily depends on the condition of the scalp, any medical reactions (if any).

hair transplant last 2

The success of a hair transplant surgery also depends on many other factors such as:

Has the surgeon kept alive the hair follicles during the hair transplant procedure? The hair follicles ought to be kept carefully in a well humid environment and in cold temperature. Has the patient sprayed the bald patch area with saline solution after the treatment every 30 minutes? Has any medication been taken to prevent any hair loss afterwards? Also, smoking needs to e given up after a few initial hours of the surgery. There are numerous factors that decide whether your new hair will live. On an average, new hair transplants live by 95%. As hair loss is an ongoing process occurring at different rates in many individuals, another hair transplantation procedure might be required in the future to cover the future hair loss and completely cure the problem. There might be chances that a person develops the regular rate of hair growth in the affected areas after one surgery while there might be meagre chances of hair growth even after multiple surgeries.

hair transplantation procedure lasts

Extended options for keeping the positive results intact and making hair transplant last

After the initial hair transplantation procedure, many surgeons recommend a combination of laser hair therapy, Propecia (which is a medicated drug that prevents hair loss), and Rogaine ( a medicated drug to aid slowing of hair loss) to help solidify the transplanted hair follicles and help slowing the loss of hair from follicles that were not transplanted.

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