10 Latest Jarhead Hairstyles: Mixture of Mohawk and Buzz Cut
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10 Latest Jarhead Hairstyles: Mixture of Mohawk and Buzz Cut

The Jarhead hairstyle is named on the fact that it takes the look of a bricklayer jar. It is also known as the high and tight haircut or often called zeroed on sides haircut. This sort of look is customary with armed force men in the majority of the nations. It’s a quirkier rendition of the buzz cut and somewhat less sensational than the “Mohawk.” It is totally viable to take away and in this way frequently favored by even law implementation officers.

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Though there are varieties of styles that exist, the one obvious feature is that majority of haircuts have the sides as well as back of the head hair very short. The hair is normally 1⁄16 inch (1.5 mm) shorter, up to somewhere close to the temple, alluding to the phrase “high” in its name.  A jagged line defines the frontier connecting the close-cut parts as well as the rear, and the top piece, calling it the “tight”.

The tiara of your head is shaved smooth shave so as to take care of a battle cap. The extent of the apex segment might change; however, it is normally 5 to 10 mm, though, on some incident it is left long. The hair at back as well as sides of the head is shaved and done away completely.

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Jarhead Haircuts Are Suitable for Many Guys

Jarhead hairstyles go well with individuals who have diamond face shape, more extensive with elevated cheekbones and slender jaw-lines, foreheads. You can opt for this ‘mohawk’ if you want a look that is more or less similar to the buzz cut.

You can get a fresh look with this amazing hair style. This is a military variant of the popular buzz cut and is worn by the safety personnels and law enforcement officers all around the world. The Jarhead Haircut is quite in fashion and the latest trend among the youngsters. You need to understand that best way to style the bare look is to keep it clean.

1. The classic


This is the way the classical jarhead cut looks like after a couple of days. Short hair on top is combined with completely shaved sides where hair is just starting to grow. Growing a short scruff is also a great way to complete the military image.

2. Marine corps haircut


This is the type of jarhead hairstyle worn by the marine corp. It is a medium fade (or a medium reg as the marines would call it). The hair is completely shaved off on the sides and fade a little bit toward the top. The top part is about ¾ inch long.

3. The Butch

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The butch is another type of the jarhead haircut. The hair on the sides is shaved with a blade. The top part is cropped very short with scissors. About ½ inch is left. The butch doesn’t leave much hair on top and is good for any face type.

4. The undercut

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This is as close as the jarhead hairstyle can get to a regular office look. The sides are traditionally shaved, while the hair on top is left to be about 2 inches long. You will rarely meet such a cut in the army but the law enforcement officer can easily sport it.

5. Textured top

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Another way to wear a jarhead cut is to have some fun with the top part of the hair. The textured top is a great way to diversify the strict high and tight hairstyle and to let it stand out of the crowd just a little. However, overdoing it is easy, so the stylist should be kept in check.

6. Geometrical cutjarhead hairstyles 4

There isn’t much that can be done with a shaved head. However, stylists found a way to make it look different. Geometrical shapes done with sharp blades are a good addition to even the strictest induction cut.

7. Induction cut

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The induction cut gets its name from the times when shaving heads before going to the army was a total must. The rules are not so strict now but the induction hairstyle is still popular among the military men, who want to care for their hair as little as possible.

8. Mohawk

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The mohawk is another way to make a jarhead cut look different. Here not just the sides are shaved, the top part of the head gets some blade work as well. A strip of hair is left on the top part of the head. The width of the strip can differ.

9. A spike


By shaving as much hair off as is required by a mohawk style and leaving it long enough to make a spike, the stylist can make a very interesting type of a jarhead style. The hair on top will require some hair gel and hand swipes to create a stylish spike.

10. Ivy league jarhead hairstyle

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This hairstyle is hardly a classical jarhead but has a right to wear this name. This is the longest jarhead allowed. Very short length of hair is left on both the sides and the top.

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