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8 Latest Young Boys Stylish Hairstyle 2015

Will all the fancy attention focused exclusively on the adult male, we often neglect the man of tomorrow, trapped in the “not yet a man but no longer a child” dilemma. Here are some of the fanciest and latest young boy’s stylish hairstyles ideas.

1. Taper


This ultra-low maintenance look has tons of vintage style and is timeless in the real sense of the word. The sides and the back are short, often shaved and paired with short hair on the top. This look is a no fuss do and can be easily modified into spikes or slicked down, depending on the mood.

2. Fauxhawk


Don’t get scared by the name, this cut is nowhere as aggressive as the Mohawk it shares its name with. Keep the middle long and cut the sides short, giving a very playful and yet very low maintenance look. It is absolutely perfect for a great hairstyle for young boys, displaying just the right mix of naughtiness and innocence.

3. Beach


As with all fashion fads, the classic flipped out beach look from the 1980s is making a comeback as a great look for young boys. Cover the ears and have thick bangs hanging over the forehead to complete the look. It does require some product to keep and maintain but is very classic and ideal for angular faces with thick hair.

4. Undercut


This look is slightly aggressive, so is well suited for teens. The undercut has buzzed sides done with a close clipper and bangs that hang around the eyebrows so that it can be flipped back onto the head. This modern look is very versatile, working with both straight as well as wavy hair. Keeping the front long allows you to slick it back for formal affairs but spike it up for casual ones.

5. Side part

side part

Another popular style from the first half of the 20th century, brought back for a very classic and stylish look, the side part is very manly but not in an overly aggressive manner. Think gentleman-like and it is easy to understand why this is the perfect hairstyle for young boys, a model to emulate both in though as well as looks. The sides and back are short but not so short that they contrast with the top. Overall, the look should be very smooth and devoid of contrasts. It stands out by virtue of class and not shock.

6. Spiky fringe

spiky fringe

A popular hairstyle for teens, this spiky look emulates a windblown look rather than the porcupine spikes of some punk rock styles. This style is done with some hair mousse and takes a little maintenance, but it is little enough to not become a chore. The hair is cut with medium length bangs and short all over the rest. The bangs are then spiked with mousse.

7. Classic fringe

classic fringe

Another look that is an instant classic, this hairstyle is best suited for teens with a little height. The fringe works with both straight as well as wavy hair. The hair is kept tousled on top for a casual look while the clean bangs that hang over the forehead add a hint of the modern. This style can be modified for both short and long hair and is very versatile.

8. Caesar


The Caesar is really the king of short hair looks for young boys because it plays short hair to its strengths. While mature men use it to balance out their balding hair, the younger ones will find it to be just extremely convenient and requires no upkeep whatsoever. The cut is simple: short hair of the same length all over the head.

So there you have it, folks. Some are timeless looks our grandfathers wore, some are a little souped up with a dash of modernity. Whatever your poison, these amazing hairstyles for young boys will certainly cover all your fancies and then some.

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