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10 Best Marley Twist Hair Ideas To Help Choose Your Style

Marley twists are becoming the protective style that you want to rock, because of the insanely unbelievable ratio scale of the time, it takes to style them in relation to the time they last. Here are 10 astoundingly gorgeous Marley twists that will make you want to take a shot and try them, so make sure not to miss any out!


#1: Jumbo Marley Twist

Jumbo Marley Twist hairstyle for black girl

A lot of women now are opting for Jumbo Marley Twists, instead of the small ones. Although they are hard to style because of their size, with those beautiful twists you can always find a solution for this hair dilemma. With a little bit varying the lengths and thickness of each twist, you will get a different hairstyle each time.

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#2: Short Marley Twist

Short Marley Twist

Here’s a livelier look of Marley twists. Not only are the twists short, but each is of a different length giving off a more voluminous look. With these gorgeous waves, whatever you do now, each twist will be bouncing on its own accord.

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