Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant: Before and After
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Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant: Before and After

Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant proves to the world that baldness and receding hairlines are nothing to be carried as burdens throughout your life. You can get those looks that make you confident, admired and complimented by everyone.

Matthew Mcconaughey hair is an evergreen style statement. Matthew Mcconaughey is an American actor and producer best known for his films like the “The Wedding Planner” and “A time to Kill”. But for the 2014 Oscars ceremony, Matthew Mcconaughey hair has been the talk of the town, when the rumor mill was abuzz about his apparent hair loss and consequent regrowth.


Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant has done wonders and he looks incredibly stunning with his great new hair. His receding hairline which was about to turn him bald has disappeared. All hair loss problems have been eliminated. With his fantastic hair transplant, Matthew Mcconaughey has claimed the hearts of millions of fans once again. His hair is blond and beautiful, good textured and professionally styled. His perfect new hairline suits his face, giving it a perfect shape and a grand look to his personality.

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The late 90’s picture of this actor has reveals his how Matthew Mcconaughey’s hair was thinning fast and the classic front isle developing. His wavy hair helped in concealing better than folks straight hair. However the fact remained that he was losing his hair faster than his counterparts in their 30’s. Matthew Mcconaughey hair is a classic example of Male Pattern Baldness also known as MPB. There could be various reasons for hair loss among men. And just being a celebrity means that everything is under control too. In fact the erratic work schedules, eating habits combined with tons of make up does take a toll on their overall health, and a receding hairline is just one of the symptoms of high stress levels.  Styling gels, straightening hair and working under highly unnatural lights hastens the hair loss rate with actors.



There are a few great things about Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant. One is that his transplanted hair is real hair. It grows just like real hair. Hence you can take care of it like you take care of your real hair. You can use your favorite shampoos, styling gels, creams, and use the hair dryer on it, style and shape it as you like. There’s nothing artificial, no hairpieces, no fake fixes. It’s all natural and gives great looks that has made him the heartthrob of the young and the old alike. Second is that there are no surgeries or stitches and no scars. There are also no long appointments and no big expenses. Matthew Mcconaughey says that his beautiful hair and a defined hairline are due to Regenix, a hair growth product. With the help of this product he has been able to get his wonderful looks that he wanted since ages. He was suffering with bad hair days and with Regenix, he could change those bad days to sunshine days when he flaunted his great new hairstyle at major awards like Oscars and Golden Globe.

Matthew Mcconaughey hair was under spotlight in a public ceremony. While the hair industry experts and the critics have confirmed that he had chosen the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure, which is the most common form with no scarring. After a couple of months the actor conceded to the fact that he is using a hair loss treatment. The experts of the industry would always recommend a treatment before a transplant. The treatment combined with complementary additions can create a comprehensive hair care and re-growth plan. Matthew Mcconaughey’s hair is currently back to its glory days because of using a tropical product which the actor has himself confirmed to the media. But his treatment team also admits to the fact there were other treatments which also enhanced this growth. For example there is a LaserComb that is valuable that emits low power lasers that would stimulate deep into the scalp, thus encouraging his hair to re-grow faster. In addition, using other supplements like Hair Vitamins will ensure that the busy actor will get the right minerals and vitamins for an optimal effect.

Matthew Mcconaughey goes on to give his experiential tip to men facing MPB. “A person who intends to have thicker hair should cut it when the moon is almost full”. Not that the experts would agree with this, but since it is a celebrity giving you that piece of advice, there are tons of followers.

Matthew Mcconaughey is a great actor. But he is not the only one who is aging, certainly neither the first celebrity nor the last to deal with baldness. Though his receding hairline has been visible over his many public appearance, if you see him now, his hair is back. His combined efforts of treatment and transplants have been very effective and women definitely love his fresh new look.

So if you want hair that is natural and gives you those stunningly charming looks like Matthew Mcconaughey, why think again? It’s possible to get rid of the receding hairlines and baldness and be adored and admired by the people you meet, your friends, family and colleagues. To get admired at workplace and home and look attractive makes you feel great. To attract the woman of your dreams, to impress your partner or to be a favorite among the lot, don’t hesitate to get the Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant.

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