8 Trendiest Medium Short Haircut Styles for Men 2016
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8 Trendiest Medium Short Haircut Styles for Men to Get Attention in 2016

Medium length hair is one the one to easily style and looks good on most men. It looks incredibly sexy and can be styled in several versatile ways and for every occasion. This list of 8 medium short hairstyles for men is easy to maintain but most importantly, makes him the center of attention when he walks into the room.

1. Dapper it!

medium short hairstyles 1

This hairstyle is sexy and goes with almost all occasions and outwear. This is for those men who love to dress to impress. This hairstyle gives a touch of sophistication. This hairstyle is very easy to put together because you only need a little gel and then brush back the hair and tuck the hair behind the ears if the need be. Run your finger through the hair in the direction and you’re set!

2. Let it be free-spirited!

medium short hairstyles 2

If your hair is voluminous and but you don’t want it to reach your shoulder, this hairstyle is perfect for the casual look. After shampoo, towel-dry it and add a little frizz control serum and let it go wild. This hairstyle is bests suited for those men with curly, wavy hair or of the Afro-American hair texture. Girls love the messy look!

3. Add length to the front

medium short hairstyles 3

The best example for this hairstyle would be Leonardo DiCaprio’s look in Titanic. This is one of the hairstyles girls fall for left, right and center. You can add a side fringe or a make a central parting or make the hair short as it approaches the back of your head.

4. Add length to the top and keep the sides short

medium short hairstyles 4

This is the improved version of the hairstyle preceding this. It is one of the most popular hairstyles that rules the ramp and men have lapped this up everywhere because it is sophisticated and sexy and immediately changes the appearance. You are free to style your hair in the front in any way you want- straighten it, curl it, add a little gel and slick it back. Unleash your creativity on it and you can never go wrong with it.

5. The 80’s Skater cut

medium short hairstyles 5

This is quite similar to number 3 on the list but it is edgier and might be a little difficult to maintain because the razor fringe in the front needs constant attention. It is best worn when the fringe is straightened.

6. Clean-skin shave the sides and keep long straight fringe

medium short hairstyles 6

This hairstyle is similar to the Mo-hawk but the clean shave slowly fades out and the fringes are longer. The hair at the back of the head is cut short so that they stay spiked naturally. But you might have to go in for frequent touch-ups. This is quite cool for those who love staying in the limelight.

7. Modern Classic blow-dried hair with a high fade

medium short hairstyles 7

This hairstyle is cool for those who love to be non-messy. The sides are merged into a high fade and the hair on top is in the form of a classic blow dried style.

8. Natural waves and a bald fade along with a disjointed beard

medium short hairstyles 8

This hairstyle is for those who love to look sleek and stylish and yet have a formal appearance. It is quite unique because of the combination of wavy top section along with bald fade and a heavy or medium disconnected beard.

Along with the haircut, make sure, how you style your outfit and make sure the two complement each other well.

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