20 Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas for Men
Celebrity Hairstyles

20 Awesome Celebrity Hairstyles for Men You Can Copy

From the dawn of the 21st century, celebrity contribution to hairstyle and elegance has been notable, with male celebrities increasingly making their hairstyle mark on the red carpet. Movies also take their place in promoting the current trend in men’s hairstyles, whatever the facial form, hair texture, or skin color. Recent trends in celebrity promotion of hairstyles, displays a variety of looks for short, medium or long hair.

Celebrity hairstyles for men come in varying forms and textures. Short hairstyles most commonly seen on a celebrity are the buzz cut, worn often by David Beckham. Other celebrities have worn this same cut with unique additions, such as designs cut into the hairstyle.

Short hairstyles have been given celebrity creds by Eddie Murphy, Colin Ferrell, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake. The buzz cut is one other hairstyle that has celebrity popularity. Other hairstyles that garner popularity from celebrity fame are the flat top, the wavy front, and the square style. Celebrity men who wear medium length hairstyles in asymmetrical, wavy, bowl cut, curly, shaggy, straight, wedge cut, french crop, layered and afro hairstyle formats are Nicolas Cadge, Brad Pitt, John Travolta and Robert Pattinson.

Curly hairstyles, wavy hairstyles, shaggy, ponytails and braided are long hairstyles that trend in celebrity circles. Some of these hairstyles have been worn by Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and Russell Brand. In this post we are going to highlight on the popular men celebrity haircut trends 2015-2016.

20 Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Try

A celebrity can successfully form manly hairstyle trends through his access to high style. Celebrity appearances not only encourage hairstyle popularity, but also exhibit attractive ways to combine hairstyles with fashion and pose for a complete look. While a celebrity can be an inspiration, fans must also consider the look of the hairstyle against their face and body build. However, celebrity presence associates the hairstyle with the popular celebrity brand, peaking our appreciation, as well as our imagination of how to represent a similar effect. From short to buzzed to mediium length to long, sporting hairstyles that a celebrity has made famous helps us celebrate our own look. Here are 20 celebrity hairstyles to inspire your own hairstyle.


The short haircut is as much a tradition with any celebrity as it is with the rest of us. But what may not be commonly known is that the celebrity look can broadly display varying impressions of this style. Short can be flexibly fun and inventively free. Worn gelled, traditionally straight, curly, moussed or spritzed, these hairstyles can open up the face to express charm and magnetism. Each celebrity in these views shows off ‘short’ with fame and fortune.

20. Daniel Craig

 Traditional - Daniel Craig - Plain Cut

With a rustic, athletic look of persistence, Daniel Craig is a celebrity who converts a traditional short hairstyle into a courageous brand. Notable for portraying James Bond in such movies as “Casino Royale”, the actor’s charisma amplies this hairstyle into heroic enthusiasm.

19. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler - Ceasar Cut

Born in Scotland, Gerard Butler takes his lovable bad boy image into prime display of a Caesar cut hairstyle. This handsome star of “The Bounty Hunter” is a celebrity who lends character and recognition to the hairstyle of the famous historical figure, Julius Caesar.

18. Shia LeBeouf

Traditional Period - Shia LeBeouf - Gangsta Lean

A celebrity whose brand well promotes a hairstyle is Shia LeBeouf. By lending his handsomely quirky image Shia ingeniously fashions this hairstyle, as he also ingeniously fashions his celebrity performances. The “Transformers” star rocks this retro 20s hairstyle, poised and posed to exude the period’s allure.

17. Robin Williams

Traditional - Late Robin Williams - Plain Cut No Part

As a comedian and actor notable for such roles as “Good Will Hunting”, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, the late Robin Williams was a celebrity whose popularity served to popularize men’s hairstyles. Here the traditional short haircut takes on a new look by having Robin William’s presence under it.

16. Denzel Washington

Natural - Denzel Washington - Texturized Curl

As the box office star of many movies, including “The Preacher’s Wife”, “Malcolm X”, “Mo’ Better Blues” and “Training Day”, you can count Denzel Washington to be a major celebrity who gets noticed. Here Denzel is noticed for the short, texturized hairstyle he sports.

15. George Michael

Artistic - George Michael - Moussed Curve Cut

A musician’s first love is creativity, and celebrity musician George Michael does not disappoint. The Grammy Award winning celebrity rocks a shortish hairstyle that’s keenly razored on top and pulled forward for this amazingly attractive hairstyle effect.

14. Colin Farrell

Artistic - Colin Farrell - Spritzed

With an engaging bad boy reputation, Colin Farrel is a celebrity who brings his versatile, creative and generously empathetic magnetism to a hairstyle. Here the charismatic star of “Phone Booth” crowns his celebrity presence with this steamy representation of a spiky spritz hairstyle.

13. Zac Efron

Traditional-Artistic - Zac Efron - Shaved and Smooth

This is one of the most trending celebrity hairstyles for men. Celebrity Zac Efron frames his handsome face with a short hairstyle of shaved sides and a briefly curly crown. The “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” star transforms a purely attractive hairstyle into a fabulously famous look.

12. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth - Cropped Short Waves

This cropped, wavy hairstyle belongs to celebrity Liam Hemsworth. The cut is mousse designed to follow the grain of the growth pattern for a hairstyle that deserves celebrity appreciation. This “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” actor has celebrity presence that makes us look.

11. Jake Gyllenhaal

Traditional-Expensive Jake Gyllenhaal - Style in the Cut

The famous good looks of celebrity Jake Gyllenhaal sets off this precisely cut hairstyle. An actor famous for the climate thriller “Day After Tomorrow” and “Prince of Persia”, the handsome celebrity shows off a look that promotes this hairstyle into fame.

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