20 Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas for Men
Celebrity Hairstyles

20 Awesome Celebrity Hairstyles for Men You Can Copy


No matter the trend, you can always depend of the buzz cut to be current. There are no bad hair days with a buzz, and the cut is somewhat versatile. This style does come in different lengths, cropped with shorter or longer clippers. Each celebrity with a buzz reveals how a well shaped head can sport this look with style.

10. Brad Pitt

Buzzed - Brad Pitt

The celebrity fame of Brad Pitt is unmatched. Here the humanitarian and Golden Globe winning celebrity shows off buzzed glamour.

9. Jim Carrey

Close Cropped - Jim Carrey - Buzz Cut

Canadian born Jim Carrey, as a welcomed addition to U.S. citizenship, represents a buzz cut hairstyle that creates a conversational buzz. With such movies as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Bruce Almighty” under his belt, this celebrity expresses a hairstyle buzz with pride and surety.

8. Chris Evans

Close Cropped - Chris Evans - Swept Buzz

A modified buzz cut hairstyle combined with facial hair works well on celebrity Chris Evans. With “The Avengers” movie stardom to his credit, the acclaim of the hairstyle comes through this freely expressive actor’s fame.

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