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Curly and Wavy

20 Men’s Curly Hairstyles Ideas to Rock

Whether you are the proud owner of naturally curly hair or you recently decided to go with the new texture trend, you are probably in need an updated walk through the top men’s curly hairstyles of 2017. Despite the fact that curly hair is not easy to tame, it is the kind of hairstyle with infinite possibilities when provided with the right volume and face shape.


What Face Shape Goes Best With Men Curly Hairstyles?

First of all, how can you determine your face shape let alone know if it is suited for men curly hairstyle pair ups? Grab a mirror, comb, and a bar of soap and follow these steps:

  1. Pull your hair backward with a comb until your forehead is clear.
  2. Using the soap bar, trace your face shape until you end up with one of the following: triangle, oval, rectangular, square, diamond, long etc.

And now to answer the main question: What face shape goes best with men curly hairstyles?

It is definitely the triangle shape. But, why? Because it requires more volume on the top of your head in order to distract people from your thin cheekbones. Check out these burst fade mohawk haircuts for usher black men.


Is Styling Curly Hair That Hard?

Before you go murderously on your perfect men curly hairstyles, you might want to hear this. Instead of chopping off your hair, think about your barber. Is he a professional? Is he experienced with curly hair? Because, it takes an expert to master the architecture of on – point men curly hairstyles. In case your hairstylists haven’t told you this yet, there are a lot of easy ways to manage waves and have them look pristine and flawless in no time. So, take a minute to check out our gallery below of the latest trends in the curly hair world.


#1. Curly Undercut

Mens Curly Undercut hairstyle

Let the volume do the talking by chopping off the sides really short down to a number 1. It is considered one of the easiest men curly hairstyles because it requires little effort. All you need to do is:

  1. Dry your hair from the roots using a blow dryer in order to life the hair upwards and create volume.
  2. Keep the curls neat, moist, and glossy by rubbing some hair pomade on your hands and then combing your hair with your pomade filled fingers.
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