70 Stunning Comb Over Fade Hairstyle Ideas for Men [2017]
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70 Stunning Comb Over Fade Hairstyle Ideas for Men to Personalize Your Look

The first step in a fade hairstyle is to simply shift your hairstyle sensibility. The fade hairstyle and the comb over fade emerge out of a creative trend towards a singular look and outlook. For charisma and appeal, the fade hairstyles and comb over fades are perfect choices. These highly craved haircuts begin by clipping short or shaving the sides with graduated progression into a fuller top. Top sections of the fade hairstyle, the uppercut, can be short, straight (or straightened), curled, spritzed, wild or tamed. A comb over fade, with the uppercut usually parted and trained in one direction, can be worked short, spiked, combed to one side, back, forward, or in an uppercut peak. The bottom sides and back of the fade or comb over fade hairstyles, the undercut, can cover the entire haircut base, have a narrower span, fade only on sides, grow into longer back strands, or extend higher towards the crown. Check out these stunning comb over fade hairstyles to get inspiration for your own hair.


Interesting Comb Over Fade Hairstyles Ideas for Men

Comb over hairstyles have been popular for ages. Now you have a chance to choose the best fade hairstyle to suit your look. Browse the 70 different comb over fade hairstyles for 2017 we are offering here and you will find the one that will dazzle you.


1. Comb Over Waves

Fade Comb Over

A comb over fade can be freely long on top, stiffly moussed, or short and spiked to the side. This luxuriant uppercut rests slightly to one side in meticulous layers and waves that set off the low fade undercut.


2. Taking a Stand

Even and Moussed

A high fade hairstyle, both under and over, shows off chiseled facial features, as its structure squares into form. The gelled uppercut stands proudly at the forehead and rolls into form along the crown.


3. Symmetrically Spiked

Coarse and Straight Fade

Unlike a comb over fade, a fade hairstyle works well with coarse straight hair. Here the fade merges into the uppercut as it’s trimmed along the hair strand growth direction.


4. Clipped to Precision

Fade into Beard

A more subtle fade hairstyle, with a gelled in place shorter uppercut, fades both upward and downward into sideburns and a full beard. True hairstyle art.


Comb Over Fades – a Popular Hairstyle

Achieved with electric clippers to trim the undercut, both fade hairstyle comb over fade hairstyles are universal requests in barber shops and salons. Fade hairstyles and comb over fades are also one of the most difficult hairstyles to accomplish. Precision is essential Many times fade hairstyle undercuts are shaved at the sides and back. At times on straighter hair, fade hairstyle and comb over fade undercuts are clipped rather than shaved. The strands of the undercut are then flattened in gradations proceeding from the uppercut to the hairline. Clipped or shaved, the undercuts of both the fade and the comb over fade are graded into progressively brief and thinner layers towards the hairline. This process many times extends until the hair is no longer visible – a technique called ‘to the skin’.

5. Trail Blazer

Fade to Long

With a trailing uppercut, this comb over fade brings uniquely attractive variety to the haircut. The clipped curves of the undercut smoothly subside beneath the long, sweeping locks of the uppercut to combine their patterns in flourishing appeal.

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