70 Stunning Comb Over Fade Hairstyle Ideas for Men [2017]
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70 Stunning Comb Over Fade Hairstyle Ideas for Men to Personalize Your Look

6. Top Story

Shaved Sides

The thinly clipped undercut of this fade hairstyle accents the gelled-to-the-side uppercut that turns this hairstyle into a comb over fade.


7. Artistically Faded

Artistic Fade

Artistic in design and message, this finely tuned fade hairstyle has a brief undercut that merges into stylized sideburns and facial hair.


8. Radical Comb Over

Half Fade

An exquisitely rustic transition between a tapered and radical fade, this ambiguously parted comb over fade gives off ample masculinity.


An expert and imaginative hairstylist can recommend and fashion a comb over fade or a fade hairstyle that will give kudos to your face and build. Although a round face may be challenged by a fade hairstyle, a comb over fade may work well. So not to worry. A fade hairstyle or a comb over fade can probably be worn by you. The key is to keep the undercut of the comb over fade or fade hairstyle shaved or finely clipped, and the uppercut of a fade hairstyle or comb over fade well trimmed. It is the uppercut of the fade hairstyle that builds the structure, while the smooth lay of the comb over fade uppercut stands out in artistic contrast to the undercut. The cut in a fade hairstyle is prime for men with thick hair or hair that is a challenge to maintain. The comb over fade is perfect for men with straighter hair, as its style can take various forms. With a lively mix of fade and comb over fade hairstyle ideas that trend in current fashion, these haircuts are all but certain to support your look.

9. Comb Over Fade Flip

Brushed Forward Fade

Handsomely flipped, this youthful and lively comb over fade attracts admiring looks with a loosely clipped undercut and a parted uppercut gelled into tossed peaks.

10. Impeccably Level

Combed Forward with Sideburns

The smoothed swirl of this low and perfectly brushed fade hairstyle’s undercut and uppercut finely meld as the undercut merges, to the skin, into deftly fashioned sideburns.

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