70 Stunning Comb Over Fade Hairstyle Ideas for Men [2017]
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70 Stunning Comb Over Fade Hairstyle Ideas for Men to Personalize Your Look

11. Precision Sweep

Close Cropped Fade

Here the clipped precision of this tapered fade hairstyle undercut shows expert technique, with further expertise displayed in the sleek, seamless flow of the uppercut.


12. Combed Astern

Swept Back Top

A uniquely interesting twist on a comb over fade, here the uppercut is gelled in a defined progression toward the comb over fade back, separated completely from the undercut.

Fade With An Expert

A barber with an expertly steady hand is an essential operative in styling a fade or a comb over fade. Sculpture is the overriding attribute of the fade hairstyle, while layered clipping is the finite requirement for a comb over fade. In a fade hairstyle, the form, rather than the strand style, is the strength of a cut. Hair with texture and curl works best with a fade hairstyle, as the more texture and the tighter the curl pattern, the more easily sculpted the hair. In contrast, flow and precision in the undercut is the overriding requirement for a comb over fade. While both the fade hairstyle and comb over fade undercuts can be wider or narrow, in both hairstyles it is most common to see a two-inch undercut. A creative and skilled barber can also cut designs into the fade or into an comb over fade hairstyle. Both fade hairstyles and over comb fades are responsive to an array of artistic hairstyle options.

13. Layered Waves

Razored Into Curl Fade

Layers upon layers of an expertly trimmed uppercut define this fade hairstyle. Undercut gradations are stratified into a to the skin hairline.

14. Combed Apart

Razored Hairline Fade

Stylized with a distinctive part, here a comb over fade swirls in a high uppercut with a to the skin gradation in the undercut.

15. Stripped and Faded

Faded and Parted

Along with a smoothly razored hairline, the cool hint of a part sets off this low tapered fade hairstyle.

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