15 Most Creative Shaved Hairstyles for Men in 2017
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15 Most Creative Shaved Hairstyles for Men in 2017

Every man out there thinks about shaving his head at least once in his life. Military style has a certain appeal, however, it is not considered very creative and there isn’t much one can do about styling it. If you have always dreamed about shaving the annoying locks, but are afraid to do it, since all style will be lost, there is an easy way out. There are hairstyles out there which combine shaved heads and amazing and creative haircuts. Such styles as mohawks and short undercuts haven’t gone out of style in a very long while. They offer men a great way out of too much hair hassle while giving them a chance to do some styling when they wish. Shaved hairstyles for men look very original and should definitely be tried by anyone, who is not afraid of a razor blade.


Men’s Best Shaved Hairstyles

Want a unique hairstyle but don’t know how to go about it? Consider getting a haircut that will allow you to partially shave your head. There is no reason to think about going fully bald. There are many shaved hairstyles for men out there, which involve shaving just one part of your head. Keeping the bottom part of your hairstyle completely bald, while the top one is styled in some creative way, will allow you to make a real statement and stand out of the crowd. While these hairstyles might not be a great idea for respectable managers, many students, sportsmen and artists will surely appreciate them. Give one a try! But be careful. You might like it so much, that there will be no way back.


1. Mohawk pompadour


Mohawk is considered to be a classical shaved hairstyle. You need to shave most of your head while leaving a thin stripe of hair on top. The styling of this stripe will depend on its length. If your hair is long and straight, make a pompadour!


2. Add some volume


This voluminous mix of an undercut and mohawk is great for men with thick hair. You will need to style your mane in a comb over and keep it intact with some hair spray. The thicker the hair, the better the look.


3. Cowlick


Cowlicks might seem to be a thing of the past, but there are some variations of it, which are still quite popular. Make a mohawk-like hairstyle and leave the top long enough to experiment (about 7 inches). Style it into a cowlick variation just like you see on the photo.


4. High and mighty


The longer the top part of your shaved hairstyle is, the more options you have when shaping it. Making a high and mighty pompadour is always a great idea if you are not afraid of hair care hassle. Style it to be as impressive as you can.


5. Go long


Want to really impress people around you? Go long. What we mean is growing a really long mane and then shaving the head to make a mohawk. The long hair can be brushed to one side to create a really original and artistic look.

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