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8 Simple Men Hairstyles for Handsome Boys to Look More Appealing

Today, when fashion is at its peak nobody wants to mess with his or her hairstyles. To look handsome boys must have that perfect hairstyle which can match with their attitudes and personalities. Following is the list of some super amazing and simple men hairstyles for handsome boys.

1. Short spiked hairstyle


If you have slightly long hair and short forehead then you should definitely try this hairstyle. For this, you need to have good quality hairstyling products such as cream, gel or mousses. Apply it on the hair and try to make your hair stand at the particularly at the frontal side or the center of the head to create the spiked look. After you finish creating the spikes, you need to set the remaining hairs by combing them.

2. David Beckham’s spectacular look

To bring out that sportsman attitude in your look you are preferred to try this hairstyle. To get this look you have to grow the length of your hair at the center and keep the remaining sides chopped. When the hair is wet you need to apply a hair gel so as to set it in right order. Swiping the long strands of hair in one direction suits the look. The look is enhanced if the backward hairs are kept casual.

3. The Diagonal Swept


If you are bored of spikes and you want to try something different then try this out. You need to comb all your hairs in a diagonal direction and then apply a considerable amount of hair styling gel to your hair to keep it set all day long. This hairstyle suits those guys who have a round face-cut.

4. The ever-demanding Adam look


This is an easy and trendy hairstyle that is liked by almost every guy. To get the look boys need to have longer hairs in the front part of their heads. They can back brush their hair or try a side swept, since both can equally guarantee an expressive appearance. This hairstyle is best for those who have oval shaped face.

5. The short hairstyle for thin hair

Those boys who have thin hair and suffer a lot of criticism can now feel relaxed because of this fabulously stylish hairstyle. It can be done on any hair texture. The boys need to have their hairs chopped short so that the hairs are easily adjustable. There is no need of using expensive hair gels and serums, but if anyone wants to use them then they can.

6. Taylor lautner haircut


The royal and classy look that it provides is just amazing. Many of you might think of it being time consuming and expensive but on contrary it is a very easy and simple hairstyle. Even without looking at the mirror, you can do it like a perfectionist. To get the look you need to keep the front hairs of your head a little longer than the remaining hairs. Apply good amount of hair gel and try to move the hair in the backward direction. You can add texture to some parts of your hair by using extra hair gel.

7. Stephen men’s incredible hairstyle

This hairstyle grabs a lot of attention and can get you applause for your styling sense. For this look, you need to have hair gel and a blow dryer. First you need to blow dry your hair in such a way that the front hairs are directed upwards. To keep the hairs intact you need the hair gel. The remaining hairs should be settled on the surface using the blow dryer.

8. Hairstyle that doesn’t cut off the volume

If you don’t want to cut your hair short and your hair is thick and shiny you should certainly not. You can eagerly flaunt the volume of your hair by using this style. Though the look is not at all formal, the hair can be tamed by using super effective hair serums.

Now that you have got the list of hairstyles that can provide you a startling look, you should definitely not waste your time by just gazing at the hairstyles. Go and get the look from your all-time favorite salon.

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