5 Fast & Smart Taper Fade Styles to Try with Your Beard

5 Fast & Smart Taper Fade Styles to Try with Your Beard

If you are a lucky owner of a nice beard, you must know all the hardships of taking care of it. That’s why most men who sport beards like simple taper fade styles. Most taper fades are fast to make and easy to take care of. They are the most popular haircut out there. If you interview half the guys going to your favorite hair salon, you will probably hear the words taper fade 90% of the time. Still, there are several variations of the taper fade style you can try with your beard.


Fashionable Taper Fade Styles That Look Good with a Beard

Bearded guys all over the world dream of having a perfect low-maintenance hairstyle that goes together with their facial hair. The stylish taper fade can be an easy way out. Take a look at these 5 options we prepared to make your dream finally come true. Give one of them a chance!


1. Curly volume

taper fade with beard


If you have a medium-length beard, consider a simple taper fade style where the length of the top part matches your beard. You will get an asymmetrical image that will look truly fantastic.


2. Spiky top

spiky taper fade

You’ll never make a mistake if you spike up the top of your taper fade haircut. Such style will look the best with a simple chin curtain regardless of its length.

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3. Alluring side part


A side part will look fantastic with a taper fade and a stubble. If you didn’t give too much effort to making a beard, compensate with a well-styled haircut.


4. Pump up the volume


If you have a nice and short full beard, you can go all out with the volume on top of your head. If you have thick hair, leave it to be about 4 inches long to make a great impression.


5. High comb over


A voluminous comb over is a wonderful part of the taper fade style that can go with any beard of your choice. Just make sure to keep it neat.

We hope you got a good idea of how to style your hair to help it to suit your beard. Allow yourself to do some experimenting and you will definitely find the perfect option for your image.

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