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Want to Become Crazy? Try These Crazy Hairstyles for Men

There are always people out there who strive to stand out of the crowd. They are ready to do almost anything to get the attention of other individuals. One of the ways to get this attention is to make a crazy hairstyle. There are so many different approaches to help them do it. Let’s learn about a couple:

  • People, who like to act crazy, shave half of their head and make a comb over with the rest of the hair. Sometimes they create different patterns on the shaved part. These designs are quite popular nowadays and are used on any shaved surface.
  • Men who like original approach create different drawings or text on their heads by shaving. These crazy hairstyles are very modern and are quite popular not just among men, but among boys as well.
  • A very modern way to make your hairstyle fashionable in 2016-2017 is an asymmetrical cut with a ragged fringe. The hair should be a little messy.
  • A stylish informal haircut for a young men is a rather popular mohawk. The more crazy you want to be, the longer and thinner the mohawk should be made.
  • A short hairstyle with a hanging long strand is another modern decision, which is called crazy by many stylists.


The farther you go away from the classics, the more creative your statement will be . Self-expression is very important for men of all ages and hair allows them to do just that.

In 2016 high hairstyles are considered more and more trendy. The hair can be either neatly styled or a little messed up for a more outrageous look. There are also some men who might prefer the 60’s hairstyle which reminds of something Elvis Presly was sporting. Neat and business-like men’s haircuts never go out of style. So, if you want to diversify them, you can add a long strand or some highlights to bring a little zest into the picture.

If you used to sport one of the neat and Ivy league hairstyles but then your hair grew little longer and the popular shape was lost, no need to worry about it. You’ve got a crazy style! Maybe the time has come to change the image. It is important to remember, that most of the hairstyles will not look original or unique if they are not cared for. So, no matter how outrageous your hair is, make sure to keep it clean and as neat as possible.

There are many different ways of styling your hair in 2016. The crazier you want to be, the better. Stylists will recommend you to make different patterns, change your hair color, make a funny mohawk and etc. All will depend on how brave you are about your image.

Fashion changes daily. Many men do everything they can do underline their individuality, be unique and stand out of the crowd. They might overdo it a little sometimes. Some of them look funny and even ridiculous, which doesn’t stop them from experimenting further.

Don’t be afraid to look crazy! Everything works as long as it makes you feel good!

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Hope you have got the hairstyle idea best suitable for you. If you are confused, get professional hairstyle advice from Ask Hairstylist.

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