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20 Stunning Wedding Hair Updos To Inspire Every Bride

Choosing wedding hair updos is practically the only choice for a bride that will guarantee her a fairy tale wedding. It’s no secret that almost every girl out there dreams and fantasizes about this magical night. And since it makes up a huge milestone in your life, everything must be perfect and on point starting with your wedding hair updo.


Wedding Hair Updos For Every Hair Length

Whether you have got long, short, or medium hair, the following list contains everything you need to know about styling wedding hair updos on your own or with the help of a professional hairstylist. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and scroll down worry less until your eye lands on the hairstyle qualified for this tough job.


#1. The Classic Look Of A Veil

Are you searching for stunning wedding hair updos but you can’t let go of the classic white veil? Have You dreamt of that moment ever since you were a little girl picturing yourself crowned with that sophisticated veil? We want to make all your dreams come true, so here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Make sure the veil is perfectly secured with pins because you definitely have enough on your plate to worry about during your big day. So, no need to add more pressure.
  2. Choose a simple updo like the one shown in the picture above. Why? Because when there’s a veil involve it can get too complex and ruin your whole look.
  3. Pick coordinated jewelry that goes with your headpiece and the cute little pins holding on to it.


#2. Going With Short Hair

Dealing with short hair can be a challenge. If you are keen on maintaining your identity as a short haired girl then, a simple hair updo like the one illustrated above can be the bridal up do you have been looking for.


#3. Tie The Knot

Some brides are looking for something more symbolic and meaningful even in their wedding hair updos they want to make a statement. That’s why here’s an example of a genius literal hairstyle inspired by the catchy phrase ” Tie the knot” which obviously implies settling down and getting married. Challenge yourself in this hairstyle and try to tie as many knots are you can in order to make your guests hear your message loud and clear.


#4. The Power Of Hair Pomade

Nowadays, there’s nothing that hair pomade cannot do. It’s the magical cream like structure that:

  1. Makes your reckless hair strands stay in place.
  2. Enables you to maintain full and thick hair strands showcased as the star of the show.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the mighty hair pomade, especially if you’re aiming for the wonderful wild waves like the ones shown in the photo above.


#5. High Bun Wedding Hair Updos

Whether it’s vintage, contemporary, or classic, the top knot hair bun has been a popular bridal choice throughout the years. It’s a great trend that helps you set focus on your beautiful facial features. After all, this day is about you and only you and that’s definitely a way you can make sure it would turn out that way.


#6. Full And Flirty Updo

For a flirtatious updo, you need to embrace your hair type and try to make the best of it by keeping it simple and eye grabbing. A sweet flower barrette on the side of your chignon can give you the right whimsy and sophistication balance you are looking for.


#7. The Taylor Swift Bridal Look

It’s no secret that Taylor swift is a major fashion icon that everybody looks up to. So why not try and imitate her cute french side twist in order to end up with an easy yet simple enough wedding hair updo.


#8. A Modern Crown

Not only crowns can declare that a princess is born. Here’s the sleek and modern version of an embellished and stylish headpiece that takes the royal hairstyle world to a whole new level of creativity. In order to get this spectacular look, all you need to do is:

  1. Get inspired by the scattered branches of a tree and add a few pearls to it.
  2. Brush your hair backward with a thick comb in order to get the more voluminous front.
  3. Tie them together in braids or in a bun according to your hair length and the style you are aiming for.

Tip: Substitute the pearls with white beads if you’re on a low budget.


#9. Messy Is the New Dressy

Going with something a little bit casual and messy can make you feel less stressed and overwhelmed. You definitely need that to take off some pressure and feel a little bit normal. In addition to that, a messy bun is the new stylish way people are doing it these days.


#10. Styling Hairlocks

When it comes to styling your hair locks, it can be difficult to choose from wedding hair updos or let downs. However, going with something in between like the asymmetrical loose updo shown in the example above is a great choice.

Quick Tip: Pull back your hair just enough to show off your shoulders and dangle a few locks to sway with the wind.


#11. Black Women Bridal Hair Updos

If asked what are the best black woman wedding hair updos, the braided high bun shown above would definitely be one of the top 3 on that list. It’s elegant, neat and gives you a powerful look declaring that you are the star of the show.


#12. Let It Down

If your fashion sense tends towards the bohemian free-spirited styles, then why not go with it on your big day. Take advantage of the curling iron invention and curl up all of your hair strands in order to get a fancy hairstyle.


#13. Shining Crown

No matter what is trendy right now, some brides just can’t let go of their dream crown fantastic on their wedding day. And since this is supposed to be the night of your life then, you should make yourself feel this way by spoiling yourself with a whimsical tiara.


#14. Maintaining Coherence

When you are picking your wedding hair updos you need to keep in mind how everything looks altogether. For example, strapless dresses or detailed necklines pair up best with loose curly updos, drop earrings, and eye-grabbing sparkling necklaces to fill up the empty space in your whole outfit.


#15. Just Voluminous

This is the kind of wedding hair updos that take up a lot of time to achieve but are totally worth it. For this style you’ll need to:

  1. Blow dry your hair until it becomes smooth and straight enough for you to work with it easily.
  2. Use hair extensions in case your hair type isn’t thick and tall enough.
  3. Use the curling iron to delicately twist and turn the tips of your updo for a swirly effect.

Tip: In this updo, hairspray is practically more than just a best friend to you. Don’t forget that.


#16. Swirled Wedding Hair Updo With Embellishments

Before we head to the “how to style it” part, let’s take a moment to admire the fascinating dynamic flow of hair in these back swirly hair designs above! Anyway, in these wedding hair updos, the hairstylist decides to take off a few complications off the brides’ backs by going with a light twist instead of an extremely tight bun.

Tip: Don’t forget to add embellishments that tie the whole look together and increase your style score by a factor of 10. These embellishments include a pretty floral pin, pearls, beads, metallic decoration etc….


#17. DIY Wedding Hair Updos

If you’re an independent woman who hates relying on anybody to do anything for her even on her big day, then this must be great advice for you. Independence starts with you doing your own hairstyles. I mean who needs a hairstylist when they can do all that professional work on their own. Just remember to try it on a doll or hair wig first before you decide to alter your look forever.


#18. Flower Power

Flowers are not just for your bouquet, they can also be for your hair! There’s no occasion where you can ever go wrong with floral patterns and accessories. So, incorporate a delicate sprig of flowers along the side of your fabulous wedding hair updo and get the exquisite look you have been opting for.


#19. One Focal Point

When designing your hairstyle, you need to set one major focal point that grabs everybody’s attention and turns you into the glamorous girl of the week. With a simple touch like a big floral hair pin on the side, you can make that happen.


#20. Wedding Hair Updos For Short Hair

What about short hair? When you are planning a bridal hairstyle, it’s hard to work with short hair without adding extensions to it. However, not having a huge bun or long ponytail might be the reason you look so unique and different after all. So, just make sure you don’t go overboard with the extra hair accessories and try to keep it simple.


In conclusion, wedding hair updos and a bridal floor length gown are the main ingredients for a whimsical wedding day. Without them, nothing would be the same. You need to keep all eyes on you and that starts with making sure you look like someone worth watching.

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